Monday, June 28, 2010

Return to Hotel Pinon

Remember two years ago when Kelsey and I road tripped to visit Ol' Sal in Texas? If not you can read about it here. Well it was due time that I took hubby and Liv to check out her new estate (I think they've moved like twice since that fist mansion) and the little peanut Pinon that will be debuting around Thanksgiving time.
For those of you who don't know Sally, she is a supreme dictator organizer of all activities/events and it's a wonderful quality about her. She bossed our group of friends around so much in college that Ryan and I literally have a hard time picking out movie times to this day without her...sometimes I feel the need to text her when deciding which row of a theater is more ideal to sit on.
So when I emailed her and told her I had no plans but to see her and have a good time, I was delighted when she emailed me back with an itinerary of the weekend's events! Ryan was delighted when she said they had this new game called Settlers of Catan (I kid you not) and asked if we knew how to play it. (It's Ryan's favorite next to Robo Rally)
We played games, ate gluten free pizza, slept in, swam in her parents pool, ate DQ blizzards, ate at Uncle Julios, ran out of gas and made fun of our husbands in matching outfits, got a tour of Fort Worth and the stockyards, and played more Settlers.
Olivia had a great time...except for the evenings. Something in the Texas air made her scream literally ALL night long the first night. (I kind of understood...Texans make me scream a little bit too.) I would say she made the Pinons reconsider carrying their fetus to full term, but their house is so large they couldn't hear her on the other's a good thing for Peanut Pinon's sake! The second night I was coming close to drugging her for the first time thinking it might be teething but as I was looking up the dosage of Motrin online...she fell asleep. I guess it was fine though because she was as happy as a clam in the day time!
(I think this photo was taken at like 5:30am when I finally gave up and we played in the living room until I passed out, awoke to find my daughter sticking her finger in an electircal outlet, then decided it was time for mom and dad to swap shifts)

On Sunday Ryan and I PLANNED to see the McDowells at their church but we got horribly lost due to google maps and badly marked TX highways. I'm sure no one who has been to DFW is surprised by this. We did eventually end up at the Ikea and made a few purchases before heading home.

Thanks Johnathan and Sally for a WONDERFUL weekend! We hope to return soon with a baby who will sleep better next time!


Brittany said...

Where is this? It looks like the houses in my brother-in-laws neighborhood. I am sure they have houses like that everywhere in the dallas area. I love it! We did a tour and fell in love with the design. Hope you are having a great trip. We are headed to Dallas on Wednesday!

I love the face Olivia is making in the last pic! Cute!

Leslie said...

dang. should've told you to pick up those popscicle molds for like $1 at ikea! they're sold out of them here, but i''d get millions to make millions of pops. wait, like i have a million dollars to splurge on pops molds? or anything else for that matter? nope.

maybe i'd get three of them.

kmom said...

Now I wish we'd tried playing Robo Rally, since that is Ryan's favorite. Maybe we can play it next time we come. Glad you had lots of fun! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Olivia is making the same face in the last picture as she is in the "contest" pic from a couple of blogs ago. Does she have sensitive eyes? Gma will have to get her some sunglasses. We can't have her getting wrinkles at her tender age. Glad you had fun in Dallas and are now home safe and sound. Love, Mom I

trish said...

i went to college in fort worth! love it! (i've only been to the stockyards once though.) i'm craving tex-mex as i type this :)

trish said...

p.s. its ok Liv, the Texas air has often made me crabby/want to scream sometimes too!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Hey, what's wrong with those of us who are Texans? Just by typing the word Ikea, I know where you were in Texas.

Monique and Granny said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love the pictures of Olivia. Can't get enough of those sweet pictures!

lauren and brad said...

oh kate. this post makes me laugh so hard...i'm glad you had a fun week-end! and now you get to look forward to another one this w-end! we promise we won't mind the screaming!

Kassi said...

Who doesn't miss Sally making plans for the friends? :) I miss all of you!

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