Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When it rains, it pours

Not only does this post refer to the recent flooding but it refers to the crappy (sorry mom) week we experienced here in the Isenberg household. I don't want to be a Negative Nancy but ya know what? Life isn't always peachy and lest you think our lives are perfect I will be whiny and share some of it with you...then I'll try to say something positive that came out of it so I don't sound like a brat...but I was a 100% total brat on Saturday.

Reasons I hated this week:
  1. We continue to have issues with cockroaches, crickets, gnats, mosquitos. I woke up on Wed. with bites covering my legs and torso. Luckily they didn't itch but still a bit alarming. But the bugs are now affecting my sleep. I wake up thinking bugs are on me but it's probably just my hair falling on my shoulder. Either way I'm jumping out of bed and can't go back to sleep. Not cool. Makes me cranky.
  2. Liv started getting bites on her last week and on Sunday she had big red welts or hives covering her legs. She looked pitiful. I couldn't tell if it was bug bites or an allergic reaction or what. She didn't seem to mind but I did. Luckily I knew we had her 9 month Dr. appt Monday morning so I figured I'd ask the Dr. then. In the meantime I'm washing everything in our house in hot water (AGAIN...remember we just did this with thrush..grrr) in case it's bed bugs.
  3. Saturday Ryan and I did major yardwork on the gross side yard we share with our annoying neighbors. It's covered in leaves, sticks, weeds, and bugs, because we never go on that side and never take care of it. BUT it might be a reason we are having bug issues so we tackled it. It was going ok until I realize everything I hate about our house/yard (which happens anytime I start to do work on our house) which led to me feeling overwhelmed and mad that we haven't done more in the 3 years we've lived here. Which led me to throw a hissy fit and go drive around looking for new houses.
  4. So Monday morning comes and Ryan cannot find the key to the car (that we've been borrowing from friends since Ryan's car is still broken). He's late for work, it's pouring down rain, I'm tired from getting up to feed Liv and thinking bugs were crawling on me all night. He finds the key, the car battery is dead though, so I tell him to take mine even though I NEED to get Liv to the Dr. to check on her hives. I frantically am texting people at 7 am to try to get a ride. Then I realize the car seat is in the car he just took. He walks in the door 20 min later and the road is flooded so bad he can't leave. awesome.
  5. I still needed to get Liv to the doctor in the flood and we are watching the news and seeing just how bad it is outside. I call the Dr. and they are still open if I can find a way there. (see #5 below)
  6. My hard drive on the laptop is crashing. I've been frantically backing up pictures but this is the second hard drive issue I've had.
  7. I noticed that someone (I pretty much assume it's the wretched teenagers next door) stole my favorite turtle statue in our front yard ivy that was a gift from my friend Janine when I left Designer's Market. I loved that turtle. I don't care if those heathens graffiti curse words on my mailbox but taking my turtle was the LAST STRAW!! (that's actually the point when I lost it and went driving around looking for a better home)

Reasons I should shut up and realize how blessed I am:
  1. God has blessed us with people who watch out for us. Throughout our bug ordeal our dear friend Dub has come by and sprayed infested areas (the water main was one swarming hole of cockroaches and a black widow blech!) and came back to check on it and stopped by to give us Roach powder that he swears by. Our exterminator is getting back with me but isn't going to charge us since he was just here. (God also blessed us with a GIANT toad who is living in our yard and I'm sure his size has something to do with the amount of bugs we are providing him to eat!)
  2. God has blessed me with a healthy child. She may not look healthy covered in red blotches but they are bug bites, not cancer or some other illness. She is happily babbling in the next room and learning to pull up even as we speak.
  3. God has blessed me with a home...and a forgiving husband. We received a letter this weekend from our friend who is a missionary in India and has a children's home there. The 70 orphans there are currently sleeping in two 12x12 rooms on the floor while they try to raise money for a new dormitory. I have a home that keeps the wind and rain out and I am mad about cosmetic things (and bugs) but I shouldn't take it for granted and throw hissy fits. I should send my good fortune their way and help them out! Thankfully my husband forgives me for being an idiot and we've decided to set aside time each week to tackle home projects together but not let it ruin our weekend or get so out of hand that I want to buy a new house.
  4. God blessed us with safety. Maybe He made the car battery die so Ryan wouldn't be stuck in the flooded waters (in our borrowed car!) or stuck at work. We were safe at home watching the flood waters rise on the news and so thankful to be ok!
  5. God blesses us with friends who will help us out in a time of need. Not only are the Waughs letting us borrow their car until Ryan's is fixed (or we buy one), but Amanda woke up her baby, got out in her SUV in the storms, and came to pick Liv and I up to take us to the Dr. so I wouldn't have to reschedule and freak out anymore about her hives. And I know I have other friends who would've done the same thing because they love me and love Liv!
  6. God blessed me with a husband who knows when he can fix the computer and knows when he needs to order a new part. And he will know how to install the new hard drive when it gets here!
  7. Yeah....there is nothing good about my stolen turtle. Unless when I go over and finally punch my neighbors in the face for being worthless humans who bring my property value down, I have a change of heart and invite them to church and they repent of their evil ways and turn their lives over to God. That will have to be another post!


kmom said...

I'm thankful you, Ryan, or Olivia didn't have to go swimming in muddy water because of being swept away by the flood waters like the 17 year old girl I saw rescued in Oklahoma City. I'm thankful you can think of things for which to be thankful in the midst of your problems. That is a true blessing.

The Moores said...

I'm so sorry for your bad week, but I'm so thankful for this post. You are truely rejoicing in your trials and in doing so you are a blessing to us. Glad you all are ok after the flooding. Order some nice weather for us for next week!

Shawn and Becky said...

Sometimes a girl needs to throw a fit and vent a bit. The best part is you stop and realize it'll all be okay and that you are so blessed in so many ways. I always wonder what God is trying to tell me when thing get like that. Somethings just aren't cool - like crawling bugs - did you try the catnip?

okcowgirl421 said...

I should take lessons from you in finding the good things. I have thrown my fair share of fits about living in an old house in a neighborhood I don't care for. But my goodness...it could be so much worse. Thanks for the perspective! (And praying the bugs disappear soon!)

Erin said...

Next time call me. I don't mind coming down to give you a ride!!!!! I'm sorry things are going badly. I know how life can get overwhelming.


I hope the last part of your week is better than the first part of your week! Just out of curiosity...did you find another house that you liked when you were driving around. =)

H said...

sorry for the tough week! praying thing get better soon. Its so nice church family is there to take care of each other. Let me know if I can help out in any way.

devon lorraine ... said...

love your positivity through the awfulness of an awfulish week! it's okay to vent! scream! complain! whine! but balance is good. good for the heart. good for the soul. good for the people we live with. thanks for the reminder :)

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