Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Gong Show

Here's a list of randomness to fill your head with mundane things
  1. The title of this post has nothing to do with anything
  2. My hand still hurts through 2 doses of 500mg of naproxen daily
  3. Olivia either hates me, hates naproxen, or is cutting teeth
  4. I started reading the Hobbit, paused and read The Help, now I can't get back into The Hobbit
  5. I've been falling asleep each night watching comedy central presents episodes on netfilx. There are like 250 of them. My fav so far is Chad Daniels. I'm kind of going in ABC order.
  6. I need to buy a body pillow
  7. We got a new vacuum
  8. Lucy is staying with us next week. It will be a bittersweet week for her and Charlie...but they have no idea. I might cry though.
  9. The mosquitos are so bad right now I can't go outside for a minute without getting bit all over
  10. This makes using our pool impossible. Of course the pool might be the reason they are so bad.
  11. I still haven't driven the Corolla since we've owned it
  12. I really like red seedless grapes
  13. I work really hard on Olivia's birthday present for a day or two then I take a week or two break in between.
  14. Thanks for the prayers for Otis. He got to go home last week and is in physical therapy but the doctors think he will make a 100% recovery!
  15. I've received 2 applications for the Monday night friend position. It's not too late to send them in!
  16. And this is long enough so I'll close with a pic of my bed head kid in a rare moment for the week playing nicely instead of whining and crying
  17. And no I'm not ready to cut her hair yet


Anonymous said...

I so wish I were there to kidnap Olivia and give her mommy a break. And besides, I am desperate for an Olivia fix. I'm so thankful Otis is going to be okay. Love you guys. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Thanks for the update on Otis. Olivia is probably teething. Grandmommy would say "This too shall pass." Good luck!

Tarren and Erin said...

I will be your Monday night friend but I don't think I'm as crafty as Shannon and I don't have a dog. I have always thought we need to hang out more. Also, why do you need to cut Olivia's pretty hair at all?

PS - We are having a fussy time because of teething too. Maybe we can just get our babies together to cry in the evenings.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Otis is going to be ok! Good luck with the teething, too. If you are really anxious to get outside you should try taking vitamin B everyday to keep mosquitos from biting. It takes a week to take affect but is beneficial as long as you take it. -April

Leslie said...

the term "cutting teeth" is like fingers on a chalkboard. makes me think of the dentist slicing teeth in half.

body pillow? sounds too hot. and i think i'd need a bigger bed for that.

it's supposed to be wretched warm for you guys today!! on the today show and everything!!

do frozen grapes creep you out?

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