Monday, July 12, 2010

The mail must go through

Ryan got me a new mailbox 2 Christmases ago and this weekend he finally put it up!! Hurrah!!
(It looks so much better than our previous vandalized one.)

I know what you all are thinking though, and I already said I give it like a week before someone spray paints it or knocks it over. But until then, we hurried and took a photo of it before the hooligans come around!
This is what Olivia did while we photographed the mailbox:
She's a hooligan in training.



Wow! It makes your house look so fancy! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Hope it lasts. Love, Mom I

lauren and brad said...

It's cute!

reborn1995 said...

Dang, that's super swanky looking. Almost looks like a mailbox that MI6 agents would meet at to discuss various delvings into espionage. Very cool.


kmom said...

I like your new mailbox.

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