Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More fun with cousins

The cousins came back through on their way back home to Idaho last week and we spent a wonderful day at the zoo. I think over half our time there was spent at the splash pad, but it is usually more exciting than the sleepy animals.
Alice had mastered walking between the visits and Olivia had mastered crawling! These two are going to have so much fun together!
Look I actually took a picture of an animal at the zoo for once!
We went into the Lorikeet exhibit but none of them really cared to land on us because we didn't pay for the nectarine. Except for this one that took a liking to David.
Come back soon Moores! And bring those Kronewitters too!


kmom said...

That picture of Olivia clapping reminds me so much of the pictures we took of Amy clapping on her first birthday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures. They are all so cute. I'm so glad the Moores got to spend time with you. George informed me all about their trip to the zoo. Love ya loads, Mom

Kira said...

Deja Vu. It seems as though I have seen these pics before!!!

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