Saturday, July 10, 2010

Newsletter: 10 Months

Dear Olivia,
This month I have loved watching you learn! It truly is amazing to witness firsthand a child figuring out things on their own. I didn't teach you, force you, or even practice with you and yet somehow in one day you managed to figure out clapping, crawling, and pulling up to standing position! You babies are pretty smart creatures.
With all these new skills have come way more obstacles for me. Our house is getting better at being "babyproofed" especially since you have no concept of the word "no." We have even been trying the good ol' "no" accompanied by a hand slap and you do not care what so ever. You just keep on doing what you're trying to do. It's very frustrating. I'm so pooped by your nap times that I need a nap too!

You being more mobile has not only freaked me out a bit but Charlie as well. She's learning to just leave the room when you start trying to grab for her and I think that's for the best. I'm sure she will come around more when you can play with her and not just grab her fur. You also have been getting quite a few boo boos with your new skills. You got your first knot on your head from bonking your head on the spout in the tub, you got a HUGE blister on your wrist that I have no idea where it came from, and you get little bruises and scratches on your arms and legs that I never know about until I have some quiet time with you nursing in the morning. Because that's about the only time you are still and cuddly anymore!
At your Dr. appt a few weeks ago you were a little over 18 pounds and 28.5" long. Aside from your physical features that tell me you are growing, I knew you were getting to be a big girl when your Grammy and I couldn't find pj's in the store in your size with feeties in them. We bought you your first feetless pajamas and boy are you adorable in them, but it makes you seem so old.
We have been going on lots of trips and doing many fun activities so far this summer and I'm so glad that you still love to be out and about! You did seem pretty excited to be home though after our visit to Dallas and Lake Eufala. You crawled laps around the house just squealing and smiling at familiar things. You'd turn the corner into your play room and look at your toys and start clapping your hands.

I know I've said it before but you are such a water baby. You love the tub, the spray ground, our inflatable pool, the lake, washing your hands even! We go swimming lots with playgroup friends.
Some extra cute things you have started doing are patting daddy's arm when he puts you to bed, playing peek-a-boo, standing in your crib, and giving kisses. Pierson gave you a kiss at our house the other day and you kissed him back! While I was holding you! Since then you are all about kisses, I even caught you giving yourself kisses in the mirror!
You still get lots of comments on your big brown eyes but lately people have been commenting on your hair color. It changes so much in different light. I knew it was getting lighter but I didn't realize how light until people made comments about your blonde hair or your strawberry hair...turns out you do have quite a bit of red and blonde tints in your hair. It's a beautiful color. But then again I think everything about you is beautiful.
You've finally started feeding yourself finger foods. Scratch that. You will feed yourself cheerios. I kind of wish we never introduced you to them because they are ruining every other food. They are like candy to you and if we give you cheerios first--you won't eat ANYTHING else. You will turn your head and close your lips. I like to be able to put you in your high chair with some cheerios while I'm cooking and it's a good distraction if you are upset, but you have to love fruits and veggies too or I will have to banish them!

Besides all of the mobile milestones you've reached this month my favorite thing just might be watching you interact with other kids. You love to just watch older kids doing anything, but when other kids play with you, it's so neat to see you develop social skills! So far you are pretty laid back and don't mind when other kids take toys or pull your hair (you know they are just jealous right?). Every now and then though you get into a tug of war match with a toy and it catches me by surprise because I can't believe we're ready for that stage! Who am I kidding? I can never believe we're ready for any stage. I'm constantly getting used to something you do and then you go and change! As much as I tell myself to prepare for constant change with you...I can't, you're my baby and I want you to stay my baby...just a little bit longer please.
I love you,


Micah said...

Mom and I ran into the footsie pj's thing the other day too! When we bought the pj's they had I said, "Daddy's gonna cry when he sees these." We did find some with the footsies at The Children's Place though.


How can it be 10 mos!! She is just more and more adorable with every picture. You can see her personality in them! Thank you for doing these updates! Love you guys

kmom said...

Thanks so much for the update. I was wondering what all she was doing now. Papa and I were the first ones to give her Cheerios. We thought she had eaten some, but most of them ended up in her clutched hands. Have fun! Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Happy 10 months to our sweet Olivia. Soooo precious. We are very thankful God has brought her into our lives. Much love, Gpa and Gma

lauren and brad said...

what a big girl she is becoming! we wuv woo wiv!

Kira said...

I haven't looked at your blog in awhile & I have missed it!!! These pics are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!

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