Monday, July 26, 2010

Please Don't Go Girl

If you'd like to have an uber cheesy soundtrack while you view this post please click here and allow the song to play while you view this post and weep. (and then go back and watch the hilarious video on youtube to relive part of your childhood if you were raised in the 80's)

If you didn't already know I will soon be taking applications for friends to hang out with on Monday nights. That's when Ryan and Matt play basketball at the church so Charlie, Liv, and me get to hang out at Granny Shanny's house.
But we only have like 4 more Monday nights left before she abandons us for St. Louis. If you think you can bring joy into the lives of my dog, my daughter, and myself that is comparable to that of Shanny please leave your application in the comment section. (Bubble gun not required but it's always a plus. Cooking, crafting, and knitting skills are required, and you must have a candy bowl filled at your house at all times)
Otherwise join me in a round of singing this NKOTB song while we weep and mourn together.


kmom said...

Great to hear Olivia's laugh. Maybe Monday night can be Skype night.

Erin said...

I guess I'm out. I eat all the candy I put out in my candy bowls.

Anonymous said...

The moment I read the title the song popped in my head. Memories!!! Btw, I found that tape you sent me that you all had recorded of my singing! Madeline laughed so hard. Unfortunately I am too far away to come over and catch up on life, but you are more than welcome to call. -April

Matt and Shannon said...

:( i did the same thing as April, I sang the song in my head as I read it before I saw the reference to NKOTB! They were classy! I am sorry to move so far away from you and your fam. we will miss you all tons and Mondays wont be the same anymore :( but we just need to keep planning trips and weekend visits together so that we have fun times to look forward too! maybe i should mail you a weekly craft and a bag of candy for you to open on Monday nights so you and Liv have a momento of us!

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