Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The 6th step of the grief process

Step 1: First there was the denial that her best friend was moving.
"Whatever, you'll change your mind. St Louis can't be better than OKC. I can't hear you. lalalalala"
Step 2: Then came the anger and she took it out on all of us.
Step 3: Then of course she tried bargaining. "Mom, How about you let me move with Lucy to St. Louis and I'll let you come visit us at Christmas?"
Step 4: She's been in depression mode though lately and just moping around.
"I'm too sad to play, or eat, or get out of bed. What's the point in living if there's no Lucy?"
Step 5: And just when I thought we'd reached acceptance, she threw in a 6th step.

She ate the picture of Lucy that hangs above her dog bed.
This is all that's left of it. Eating must be the 6th step.


Leslie said...

you make me smile.

Matt and Shannon said...

ohhhh charles...lucy will miss you too! but she did tell me that you should really stop eating pictures of her because she doesnt want to be the cause of your intestinal problems!! she wouldnt be able to live with herself :)

Anonymous said...

Katie, you really are soooo funny. You actually make me feel sorry for Charlie. And everyone that knows me will know that its not like me to feel sorry for a dog. I mean she's just a dog for goodness sake. But the 6th step is the one that got me. Do you suppose she really knows!? (Just kidding. I still say "She's just a dog!) But I know that you and Ry will miss your friends so I am very sorry to see them go. So glad the Isenberg household is getting back to its normal healthy state. Love you guys. Kiss my girl for me. Gma aka Mom

amanda said...

oh Charlie, you poor thing. Just when you almost conned your mom into a St Louis visit at Christmas time, you had to go and show her that you're over it.

ps. nice work chewing the photo into the shape of the US. Other than biting off florida, you're spot on. Too much practice chewing on slippers?

amanda said...
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kmom said...

What a hoot!

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