Monday, August 02, 2010

Busy Bees

Surprisingly I don't blog about EVERY SINGLE thing we do but here are some fun summer moments I haven't blogged about yet!

The Bible Study babies are mobile now! Can you believe how big they are?! (to compare click here and here) Do you know how hard it is to get a photo of 4 babies looking?
We've been to the pool quite a few times, but I think you knew that.

And of course have been attending play groups galore! We even had a game night for the playgroup dads to meet each other...I'm sure you can guess how THRILLED they were about this.
I just love looking back at pics of the babies. Check out Liv and Kendall from December. She really does like him, she just didn't want to share her paci!
We went to a ladies book review at church with a Hawaiian theme.
The food was great but I have no idea what the book was about because I was trying to keep my child quiet by shoving cheerios down her throat and chasing her around the gym. She did dress for the occassion though!
Ok there is more but I have to save some things for other posts!


Anonymous said...

Olivia looks like she's tipping over in that first picture. That girl is going to have so many friends. She's gonna be a little social butterfly (sort of like her mommy I guess). Hope you're having a wonderful time with your mommy. I know your hubby misses you. Love, Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

i love your bathing suit!! such a fun pattern.

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