Saturday, August 21, 2010

Excuses, excuses

Reasons I'm not blogging
  • Trying to finish Liv's bday present and figure out what we're doing for her part-ay. (Just wait til you see the invitation her daddy designed!)
  • We ran a hotel for dogs this week and watched Lucy the boxer one night and Queso the chihuahua half the week. And no those two don't get along. But Charlie likes all of them!
  • I've been gathering, pricing, and tagging stuff to consign at the JBF sale and preparing my list of things to buy when I get to shop the pre-sale tomorrow. It's my first pre-sale, but if I have to throw elbows just to get in the door I'll probably just scream, run out, and never do it again.
  • My daughter is more mobile
  • I've been reading lots. (That will be another post eventually).
  • We watched "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." I'd never seen it. Hilarious movie but a bit long. It took us 2 days to watch it. I also watched "Herb and Dorothy" while I worked on Liv's bday present today. It's a great documentary about an art collecting couple in NY.
  • I've been sleeping well. Which is a good thing, but I blog when I can't sleep. My daughter has gotten over her teething patch, she is back to nursing normally, sleeping through the night again, therefore I'm sleeping better than I have in months! hurray! (I'm sure all of this will change soon, because it always does, but for now I will enjoy it!)
  • There might be more but I've got things to do so I don't have time to think of them
I'm just thankful none of these reasons are health related this time!! I can't blog without a photo so here is one of Liv at the pool with her mouth full of watermelon. She hearts fruit.


Anonymous said...

What is a JBF sale? I hope I get an invitation to my granddaughters birthday party. I'll try really hard to make it. Honest! (Does attendance by Skype count?) And of course, that is an adorable picture. Glad to hear all are feeling better and things are back to relative normality. Love you guys. Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

so, you're feeling better?!

tricia said...

i love that her mouth is full of watermelon-so cute!

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