Monday, August 23, 2010

For Mona

I'm pretty sure you got this outfit for her so I thought I'd share these Sunday afternoon pics of her playing in it.I just couldn't get enough of watching her play yesterday. She looked so big.Look at her sitting on her knees*. And how she figured out to put the blocks in the elephant's trunk. And how she crawls so fast over to where she knows toys are, pulls up, and gets the ones out she wants.She took a few more steps all by herself yesterday and I know she'll be running circles around me soon!
*I already know it's not good for their hip sockets to sit like this so please don't comment and tell me all about it


lauren and brad said...

I totally know those moments you are talking about. They hurt my heart.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Katie. She looks absolutely adorable in that outfit. But of course she looks absolutely adorable in anything. I still find it hard to believe that Alice and Olivia will both be running around like little pros at Christmas. Kiss that sweet girl for me. Love you all. Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

whatever. i think she'll have flexible acls when she gets older!! :) SO FREAKING cute in overalls.

Can you imagine what fools we'd look like in that? And why do I always adult-icize kids' clothing?

LittleKelly said...

As long as she sits on heals and her butt doesn't rest on the ground she is all good. It's a nice yoga pose. And if she can do it without her feet falling asleep, she is one step ahead of me!

Chellie said...

I still sit like that amd there's nothing wrong with my hip joints

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