Friday, August 27, 2010

I hate you St. Louis

I told her I would never forgive her for leaving me but really I will never forgive St. Louis for taking her away from me. I haven't felt like this since elementary school when my friend Erin moved to another school and then the next year my new friend Monique moved to a different state. My heart is aching. I tried to tell myself I was a big girl now and it wouldn't hurt so bad for a friend to move away but it does. I could list all the wonderful qualities and talents and memories of my dear Shanny...but there are too many. Just type the name "Shannon" (or "Shanny") in my blog search at the top left and you can read all about her and then mourn with me while we look at pics. (to make the moment sadder why don't you just play some "How can I help you to say goodbye" by Patty Loveless)
We love you Shanny, Matt, Lucy, and I guess George and Jack too! We hope to see you soon and I'm looking forward to our tropical vacation next year! Now excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.


Monique and Granny said...

I cried and cried and cried when we left Henderson because I was leaving you. I was SO mad at my mom. Those sad feelings just rushed back when I read about you and Shannon. SAD!!!!!!!

lauren and brad said...

I will miss Shanny too! :(

So sorry sucks.

Anonymous said...

I remember the day Linda and Jon left for Oklahoma after Jack and she got married. My hear hurt. I'm so thankful God has blessed you with such great friends. Sounds like Matt and Shannon will be lifetime friends. You know, the ones that you'll still be making special vacations to go see even after thousands of miles and 30 years have gone by. Okay, now I'm gonna cry. Man, I sure do miss Linda. Love ya much. Mom aka Gma

jen said...

i hate west lebanon, new hampshire the exact same way.

here's to skype, blogs, phone calls, and vacations!

Chellie said...

I'm really going to miss her too. We saw them loading up Friday night and had to stop and say goodbye! We didn't hang out nearly as much as you guys but it was always nice knowing there was a friend so close. Nate said we should have let the air out of there tires..

Matt and Shannon said...

ohh katie, i am missing you all too!!!!!! i started crying before i even stepped out of the house to walk you to your car and for a while after (and i better quit talking about it right now bc i am getting that lump in my throat)! these pictures make me sad too but i am glad that you are my best bud and i hope we make several visits a year to see each other. and dont worry, you dont have to sleep with george :) love you!!!!

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