Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My mind is swimming

Do you guys just get paralyzed when you have a trillion things to do and they're all just swimming around in your head and instead of tackling them just one at a time you eat a popsicle, lay down, and accidentally fall asleep for an hour? Welcome to my Tuesday, I'm glad I'm not alone.

And now that I'm awake instead of starting to tackle that list, I'm going to blog in order to further delay any progress I might make.

  1. Today I ate in the Underground of OKC with Allison. I'll blog more about it later. It's a real place people, stop asking me if I'm kidding!
  2. Just because the breastfeeding clinical study is done doesn't mean we're done breastfeeding. Some of you don't care but some of you like to ask me when I'm going to quit. I figure we'll get around to weaning before she goes to college so don't worry about it.
  3. Ryan and I are teaching 3rd-5th graders about prayer this fall quarter. I always kind of dread teaching but it always blesses me in the end and I'm sure it will greatly help my prayer life.
  4. I need to finish that birthday present of Liv's. If I just sat down for like 2 hours it could be done. But who has 2 hours when there is procrastinating and napping to do!
  5. I need to post about reasons I like my house again because I want to move again.
  6. I finally went to a new Dr. after "breaking up" with the crazy lady who delivered Olivia. Did I ever mention how many times she used the phrase "dead baby" while I was in labor?
  7. Charlie needs to get her yearly shots. She is starved for attention these days. I hate the thought of her getting so excited when she sees we are going somewhere and then we end up at the place she hates most. Oh well, I guess I need to suck it up and take her. Maybe I'll give her some bacon afterward.
  8. This morning after Olivia woke up an hour early (those of you who aren't parents don't understand how this devastates the delicate balance of the world) and was screaming and crying and refusing to go back to sleep for a morning nap, I packed us up in the car--this time remembering a book--and we drove to the lake which immediately put her to sleep. I sat in the car reading Nine Stories for the next 45 minutes until our lunch plans. You do what you gotta do.
  9. Sunday night some moms from my playgroup had a girls night out to go see Eat, Pray, Love WITHOUT OUR BABIES!!! It's always such an odd and WONDERFUL feeling to be around your "mom" friends without kids. The movie was pretty good and I still want to go to Bali. Thanks Ryan for watching Olivia so I could go.
  10. I made some money at the JBF consignment sale. Almost as much as I spent so it cancels out. All in all it was a good experience and I might do it again.
  11. I've been driving the Corolla since we got back from TN and I quite like it.
  12. I want to use the phrase "be that as it may" more often
  13. I'm still watching Comedy Central Presents comedians to go to sleep most nights. What can I say, I like to laugh myself to sleep I guess.
  14. I hate thawing meat.
  15. To make up for the rough morning, my child is taking an extra long afternoon nap which is nice now, but only means one thing for later: a fight to the death to go to sleep tonight.
  16. Ok I guess I'll get up and start tackling supper plans...or maybe I'll eat another popsicle.
  17. I'll leave you with this photo of the cutest, dirtiest, dimpliest behind this side of the Mississippi. She getting good at navigating the freshly dropped pecan filled driveway without falling and puncturing her rear. I have a feeling her luck will run out soon enough though.


Anonymous said...

Too cute. I'd comment on your day, but I'm overwhelmed just reading about it. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

It seems like you have my problem. I can get all kinds of things done (including napping) while I am supposed to be doing something else.

carly said...

2.Good job nursing for as long as you have! Liv doesn't even look that old to be getting the 'weaning' comments from ignorant people. Try to remember that THEY are the ignorant ones on the subject. She looks so healthy, good job! :)

Monique and Granny said...

Enjoyed reading this post!

Team Andrews said...

Thanks for your post! I was procrastinating too! :)

kmom said...

One of the things I like about your house are the built in shelves in your front living room. I don't remember if you have mentioned that one.

Annaleise said...

I am appalled when I think about your doctor experience. I hope the one you went to this time seemed better!

devon lorraine ... said...

be that as it may, what is this about 'dead baby' mouth?

Shawn and Becky said...

Umm no you never mentioned how she said dead baby several times. What is wrong with people . . . and the same question goes for people who care when you quit nursing. Why do people make it such a big deal. If it makes you feel better, and judge me if you must, Cameron still does at night. I'm getting around to weaning, but it's not the top priority on my list. A nap and a popsicle seem like a great afternoon pit stop for a busy mom. And that is one cute bum!

Leslie said...

i hate dead baby doctor.
ryan's funny. (i forgot to mention that in the zoo post)
can't wait to see her bday prez.
i like "needless to say", but then i hate the irony of using that phrase.

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