Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Newsletter: 11 Months

Dear Olivia,
It's official that I'm in denial as to how old you are and what exactly one month from now is. And no I haven't planned your party, but I am working on your birthday present. I can't get over how much you are learning these days. Just over the past week while we were in Tennessee for a surprise visit I feel like you picked up 100 new tricks to show daddy when we got home! And I know it's not going to slow down any time soon. I'm out of breath keeping up with you every day!
You are an expert kiss giver, kiss blower, dancer, and clapper. You can say dada, pop, and mama (only when crying though). You know where the lights are in all rooms and love to point at them and turn them on and off. You love to open cabinet doors and drawers. You know where my nose is. You know what share means. You know what several words mean, and I'm constantly shocked if I say something and then see you pointing to it. You love to stand up and fall down (over and over and over again) and walk along furniture and CLIMB STAIRS (gasp!) and you've even tried to take a step on your own! You are learning to mimic actions and today daddy taught you how to blow a raspberry on my tummy. You even sort of sang E-I-E-I-O with grammy.
While you have picked up sooo many new tricks this month I also feel we have somehow gone back in time to your newborn stage. You are awfully fussy these days. I think it has something to do with all of those top teeth you are trying to get but you sure don't want to sleep. And only going down to one nap a day still hasn't been the most pleasant thing for the both of us but I keep hoping it will get better soon...and I know it will because so far all the other hurdles have!
All of that saying "No" is starting to pay off. Some days are better than others. While I'm cooking you usually play with the magnets on the fridge which you are allowed to do. However if I step out of the room there is a 90% chance I will come back to find you playing in the dog bowls which you are NOT allowed to do. The fact that you are already are trying to do things behind my back is pretty frightening! Oh well, at least you're starting me out with easy topics such as the dog bowls rather than diving right in to something really tough like sneaking out of your window at night. You'll never do that right?
I'm not sure if it was the week long trip to TN or teething or a combination of both but you sure are clingy to me which has been a problem since I haven't been feeling well as of late. I have a hard time listening to you cry when I know that as soon as your in my arms you will most likely be ok but the past 2 weeks I haven't been able to move too much so it makes caring for you pretty hard. Thankfully your grandparents were able to help me out and your daddy has taken off work this week so I can rest up and get all better.
You are enjoying many more foods these days and have tried lots of new things including meat. You weren't too fond of ground beef but you do like chicken. You LOVE fruit especially red grapes. Some veggies are ok but we have to trick you to eat them by alternating them with bites of fruit too. When you see me reach my hand in the cheerio box, you start laughing and clapping your hands. Think I can get away with cheerios instead of cake at your first birthday party?
Besides kicking your 2 naps a day, you have also decided to go ahead and kick pacifiers, bottles and sippy cups to the curb. You get very angry if we try to put any of those in your mouth and end up slapping them out of our hand. I guess we will try straws next or just go ahead and teach you how to hold a glass with two hands.
I love to watch you when there is music on. You love to clap and dance to the beat and often you actually are on beat and I wonder if you will be a musical prodigy. You love to sing during the songs at church. It's usually just a loud monotone syllable but it's still a joyful noise! Daddy caught this pretty cute video of you dancing today. (I love how you're like wait for it, wait for it, aaaaand dance....)

You are looking like such a big kid these days and it's only when you fall asleep or are cuddling with your daddy or me that I can still see some of that "baby" in you.

I often stare at you and try to imprint the exact look you have right now in my brain so I never forget how adorable you are at this exact moment. Your chubby cheeks often with food crusted on them, your big brown eyes with such long lashes, the way your hair falls in your face and I brush it behind your ears, your unique lopsided crawl, your slender feet always twirling around and around, your huge smile with tooth buds coming in, and your face leaning in close to mine with your mouth open to give me a kiss.

I love you,

P.S. I only hope this post makes sense. I've been working on it while taking high doses of Lortab, so forgive me if it isn't coherent!


kmom said...

Thanks for posting such cute pictures! I was glad to see her dance, since while she was here I don't think I saw that or the blowing of kisses. (Another thing to post?)

Leslie said...

can't believe how effective you are while on high doses of pain killers! and that your throat hurts that badly...ugh.

'liv, you have effectively SCHOOLED me on that yoga pose (second pic). I shake and quiver during that thing and you look like a total pro. Geesh.

Candace, Luke, and Madelyn said...

Thanks for making me almost cry! Our babies are now tots!

Anonymous said...

This being a long distance Grandma is so much harder than I ever thought. Miss that sweet baby and her parents terribly. Thank you for such a wonderful blog so I can watch her grow. Love you all much, Mom aka Gma

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