Saturday, August 14, 2010

She speaks for the whole family

We're coming up on week 3 of craziness in the Isenberg home and it's times like these I'm about 99% definite that Olivia will be an only child. Weeks like this test your sanity, your marriage, your ability to function let alone be a decent human being to others.

Last week began the insanity in TN when due to somebody's new teeth I ended up with a nursing injury. And 'ouch' is hardly the best 4 letter word to describe it. I won't go into detail but there were lots of tears, pain, trips to the doctor, pharmacy, and probably 100 phone calls to my lactation guru. I was and have been unable to nurse as frequently since then and no one is taking this well. Olivia would cry in TN anytime she saw me. My mom would have to distract her and take her out of the room because she would just crawl up in my lap and wail and put her head on my shoulder. She even started saying "mamamamama" but only in a sad crying voice that made me want to cry too.

All of this was on top of horrible abdominal cramps I'd been having and a plague of ulcers in my mouth that I think was due to naproxen I was taking for my hand. So I quit taking it and just let my hand be in pain and rendered pretty useless. Then I got a cold and couldn't breathe through my nose at all so I wasn't getting but a few hours of sleep a night which made for an awesome overall mood to deal with my fussy baby and various bodily ailments that kept popping up left and right.
She has a toy in her shirt, I promise it's not a tumor.

By the end of the week my cold seemed to be going away, nursing injuries were starting to heal, cramps and hand pain were getting better so we headed home to Oklahoma where I promptly got a bad sore throat. I thought I could kick it and decided to try gargling with Apple Cider Vinegar which I had heard helped. I didn't know you were supposed to dilute it though so I'm pretty sure I burned what wasn't already swollen in my esophagus.

Ryan took off work on Monday because there was no way I could take care of Liv while I was in so much pain. And I've had plenty of sore throats but on top of everything else going wrong I think it just exacerbated it all. Then although I'd had a bad reaction before, I thought I'd try Mucinex to see if that would thin out whatever was in my throat. Surely my bad reaction was a fluke thing because who is allergic to Mucinex? Well I am allergic to it. I was feeling loopy and hallucinogenic and got chills all over. I had a fever of 101 and was in so much pain I couldn't move. I didn't even have the strength to cry. I just lay there until we decided to go to the Doctor. The Schatzels picked up Olivia for us, Ryan drove me to 3 different doctors, but at 3:30 none of them would take new patients so we went to an After Hours ER clinic.

I laid down until they called my name after a short wait. I told them the long story of all my ailments. They looked in my throat and said it was pretty nasty, red, and covered in blisters. The strep test surprisingly was negative but they said it could still be a really bad infection so I got 2 shots in my butt. Painful. Very Painful but I was wanting relief. So now you can add two sore butt cheeks to the list of things that were aching on my body. They also gave me prescriptions for antibiotics and painkillers, told me to never take Mucinex again, and sent me on my merry way. I don't remember anything else of that day because I passed out on the couch.

Ryan had to take Tuesday off too. I just popped pain pills and slept all day and he would bring Olivia to me when she was hungry. She was waking up 3 or 4 times a night and stayed awake one night from midnight to 3am so poor Ryan was exhausted from taking care of the 2 of us. Wednesday came and I thought I might be well enough to face the day alone, but I was still loopy on pain meds and almost dropped Olivia so I called Shannon to come to my rescue. She stayed with us most of the day and even brought me Jamba Juice.

By Thursday I was needing to leave the house because I was getting cabin fever and the doctor said whatever I had shouldn't be contagious by then, but I was still taking a narcotic and couldn't drive so a friend picked me up and we headed to playgroup. It was really encouraging to be around my friends whose babies are also teething and into everything right now. Then we came home and Olivia and I both crashed. When I woke up I felt pretty bad again and my tongue which had been swelling for a day or two seemed like it filled my whole mouth. I couldn't close my mouth without biting my tongue and it was really annoying and hurt. I called my trusty nurse practitioner friend and she confirmed that I was the craziest most sickly person she had heard of and I decided if my tongue was still huge the next day I would go back to the doctor for the 4th time in like 2 weeks. But thankfully by Friday morning it had gone down and I felt good enough to shower, leave the house on my own and drop my kid off at Mother's Day Out so I could work in the church office a bit (just a part time gig I'm doing to make a little extra money) I felt like poo but I think the motto for mothers is "fake it til you make it" right?

So here we are at the end of our second week of misery and Ryan is now getting white spots in the back of his throat, I'm recovering for the most part but still having a really hard time nursing a teether, Liv is fussing 90% of the day, staying up til midnight crying until we give in and drive her around the block to put her to sleep, and today I went to Babies R Us and bought like 20 different teething rings, gels, soothers, meds and tonight I've decided I'm giving in and medicating her for the first time. Let's hope some motrin will help us all sleep through at least one night this week.

I wasn't going to post this and sound all "woe is me" but I thought of it more as an explanation of why I haven't been posting as much. And why if you've seen me lately you'll understand why I look like I've been hit by a truck. Because I have been hit by a truck: The proverbial truck of motherhood.

(I promise Tennessee pics will be up someday...but not if my husband ends up with strep this week)


The Moores said...

Katie, reading this made me want to cry! I'm so sorry you are all feeling so terrible. You will definately be in our prayers tonight. Love you all!

Tarren and Erin said...

Katie, don't worry about medicating. Sometimes you just have too. We have. Even my chiropractor has given her kid Tylenol and Motrin and she is the most natural health person I know. Hopefully you will both feel better.

Erin said...

I'm not going to lie - Haylie has been miserable this week and I have given her the normal dose of Tylenol once a day. It helps a ton.


It sounds like you kind of have a reason to be all "woe is me"! Hope things are better, MUCH better soon! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I used Orajel swabs. They look like toothpicks and you break one end, the stuff goes into the other end and then after it's all absorbed in the qtip end you rub it on the baby's gums. It just numbs them so they can continue to grow and they don't have to try and swallow tylnol or mortrin. best thing we found, works in minutes. Jessica Van Winkle

lauren and brad said...

I'm here for you friend...It all sounds so sucky. I'm so sorry!

H said...

Oh my word, You guys have had it rough! That is a crazy few weeks. I do hope all is on the mend for you and each day gets better and better. I am off work on Mondays and Fridays- if I can help in any way please let me know.

devon lorraine ... said...

oh my gosh katie, you have been through A LOT!! you are a total trooper and my hero!

kmom said...

I really admire the patience, kindness, and gentleness you and Ryan always seem to have with Olivia. I am so glad you were getting better when I called this afternoon. I want everyone to know that you were exaggerating about Olivia's crying in Tn. She was quite good when she was in Tn. Only one day was she really cranky from what seemed to be teething. The day before that she had showed off her standing alone ability so much that she also seemed to have a sore bottom from her falling down so much (she even had a tiny bruise from falling on a toy.) The real crying in Tn came on several days during bath time. She was extra sleepy and extra missing her daddy who usually gives her a bath. Several times she also threw a temper tantrum when getting her diaper changed. When no one was watching, she would hurry off to explore and be found trying to put her finger in an electrical outlet or pulling over a tall floor lamp. (I am not kidding!) It is obvious that Grandma and Grammy need to grow magic fairy wings so they can come babysit without having to travel for hours. Second best would be for each to have millions of dollars to pay for air flights, but fairy wings would be easier and faster. Grammy also needs a special fairy to help her pack.

Anonymous said...

I soooo wish I were there to pick her up and cuddle her. I remember very well the frustration of the endless crying spells and the not knowing what to do because they don't have the words to tell you. This to shall pass. I sure wish I had those magic fairy wings. Just remember that what doesn't kill us just makes us stronger. (Yes, cliches are spot on sometimes). Love you guys so much. Mom

April said...

Katie, Tracy Dawn suggested that I go see Dr.Gumman at the Harmony Healing Center for some issues that I've been having lately. I finally did it and he was wonderful. He gave me accupuncture and herbs and I have felt so much better. He also has a naturopathic pediatrician in his office who might be able to help with Olivia. The number is 947-HEAL.

Good luck and I hope you start feeling better soon!


Shawn and Becky said...

Oh you poor thing, mommies just can't get sick, it's against the rules, you're breaking the rules Katie! I hope you feel better soon, and Olivia too. Cameron is getting his 2 year molars in and it's not pretty. He grinds his teeth and wakes up awfully cranky, and it’s not everyday, but so hit and miss. We like teething tablets (a homeopathic by Hylands) and Tylenol or Motrin (generic brands since the others have problems). Sometimes it's really worth it . . . for everyone involved. Cameron HATED the orajel it made him cry harder and longer, so we only tried it once and never again. Each kid is different - good luck, you'll be in our prayers!

Monique and Granny said...

Wow you have been through a whole lot! You are superhero mom! Hope you all feel better really soon.

Miranda said...

Reading this late, sending hugs and love from the cousin in Maryland

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