Sunday, August 01, 2010

We Miss You Papa Bear!!!

Surprise!!! We are in Tennessee! Well Olivia and I are in Tennessee for a surprise visit and we are missing Ryan very much. He was kind enough to drive us half way on Saturday. Here's a sweet photo of Liv dancing to his guitar music last week.
She likes to try to play it too.
I was feeling homesick and my loving husband said he'd drive me if I wanted to go. I'm not fond of being a single parent for the week or putting my daughter to sleep at night (that's HIS job....I have no idea how to do it!) but I guess if I need back up I'll call on parents house guest for the summer. Although he isn't Peruvian my mom did decorate with the same "Manly decor" of a ukelele and a sombrero. It really detracts from any girly feeling a purple bedroom would have.

(I'd tell you about the heart attack we probably gave my mom when she saw us but I'm posting this ahead of time so I don't have to blog on my vacation. I'm sure I'll have a more accurate description of the look on her face when I return, but for now you'll just have to imagine it in your own mind.)


Anonymous said...

Thats one lucky Grandma. Hope you have a fun time. I'm glad you're missing your hubby though. Love, Mom aka Gma

devon lorraine ... said...

have a splendid time in tennesee!

kmom said...

Grammy and Papa are having fun! It was a complete surprise to me! (Grammy)

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