Friday, September 24, 2010

The day she discovered boys

For whatever reason one day last week Olivia noticed Desmond like she'd never seen him before! (Silly girl I think you've only hung out with him every week of your short life) And she became obsessed with kissing him, hugging him, hitting him, but mainly just screaming in his general direction until she was hoarse. I got a brief moment of the very loud day on film (that "film" is for you Leslie!)

P.S. I love that the universal boy-thing-to-do is to add the word "butt" to the end of every word. I never knew it happened so young though! It was humorous for a little bit but I think the word has been outlawed now. I'm sure I even channeled my inner Mona and said "Cigarettes have butts, Ben, people have bottoms."


The Moores said...

Alice was running around the house today chasing Mack with the exact same screach! Girls are so funny.

Leslie said...


And des's totally clueless face in reaction to all that screaming! It's JUST like jamie's face if I accidentally leave "The View" on HIS television.

paralyzed confusion. butt.

lauren and brad said...

oh. les. you are so funny.

oh. liv. you are so funny.

oh. ben. you are so inappropriate.

tricia said...

i am CRACKING up right now, literally the dog just came over to me like "what's wrong! your voice is even higher pitch that normal-everything ok????"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Katie. My job here is done. You've come over the other side (well, not really). I'll bet my son is cringing at the thought that you even have an inner Mona. He had to live with the real thing for 20 odd years. I love this video. Olivia really is such a girl. She's got that screech down pat.

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