Friday, September 03, 2010

I promise she wears clothes sometimes

But there's just no point in wearing clothes in your backyard swimming pool! (Unless your an adult who can be seen by neighbors.)
Last week I had the genius idea to spend a leisurely afternoon in our little pool. Olivia would splash and giggle and I would read and it would be fun and relaxing for all. HA! I forgot she's into moving a lot more now so the whole hour was spent with her figuring out how to climb in and out over and over and over again. And me trying to figure out how to let her be independent and learn without cracking her skull open on the driveway, choking on a rock, or puncturing a butt cheek with a pecan. (whoops! "Bottom cheek" sorry Mona) I did get some of the fun on camera without dropping it in the pool!

My daughter is fearless. I lost count of how many times she fell on the concrete on various parts of her body and never once cried. She's a lot tougher than me. (We won't talk about my drinking glass that she managed to break on her arm though resulting in a teeny cut. Not my brightest moment.)

I really should set these videos to music so you don't have to listen to my voice.


Leslie said...

kinda like your voice better than music.

Anonymous said...

haha I personally like your comments, too. It just adds to it. :)


Anonymous said...

I personally don't think your daughter would appreciate that area of her body being looked at by tons of people (first picture). I know I wouldn't. EIther way, she's getting pretty big and she's still beautiful. Can't wait to see her again!


Anonymous said...

She is so so so cute. Grandma could watch this all day. She is such a little okie. Barefoot and naked! Thats the way to beat the heat. She's gonna really love these videos when she's 16. Grandma thanks you for sharing since I can't be there in person. Love you loads. Mom aka Gma


What a big girl! She's so coordinated and brave. Violet and Hazel could take some lessons from her. I have to threaten them to play in their pool, and then they just stand there. Love these videos!

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