Tuesday, September 21, 2010


If you ever get the need to remind yourself how old you are just go to a high school football game. Last Friday night we joined the Schatzels at a Putnam City West game where the talented Mr. Schatzel does the announcing. The kids had lots of fun and stayed up way past their bedtimes (don't worry that Coke can is empty)
Desmond was mesmerized by the football game while Olivia was more content to "people watch" and occasionally clap or dance to the band. Ben was all about the concession stand.
We even got to see the view from the press box.
And then we got a little closer on all the action in the stands. MTV is doing an "underdog" television series about their school because apparently they haven't won a football game in quite awhile. There were lots of cameras and microphones and random students with battery pack mics on. I feel sorry for all the teachers if they are taping in the school all day long. You can also see in the photo above the ridiculous huge hairbows that apparently are in style for cheerleaders. Yeah I don't get it either. We had a fun time and I was reminded once again that I'm glad high school is over and now I just have to count down the days until my daughter because one of those crazy teenagers. Yikes! Maybe we'll home-school.


Anonymous said...

Homeschool! Yes! I like the sound of it too. Good luck. Mom I

kmom said...

I don't understand how Olivia could stay put for a whole game. She has on a cute outfit.

Leslie said...

mtv? in ok?
you see? you guys are totally tv worthy. :)

lauren and brad said...

thank you for explaining the empty coke can! :)

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