Monday, September 13, 2010

Newsletter: 12 Months

Dear Olivia,
My one year old! I've been a mother for a year and you have blessed me with your sweet presence for a whole year now! You have already rung in your second year of life by falling off the changing table, pooping in the tub, and pooping in your crib and smearing it everywhere. Thanks for the initiation process...I hope it's done now. Isn't hazing illegal?
Last month you were an expert crawler and within 30 days you are now an expert walker! You really took off this past week and went from just taking steps now and again to walking everywhere you go. You still look a little wobbly and swagger a lot but you don't let that stop you from getting where you want to be! You take nasty spills and get bloody lips and knots on your head but you rarely ever cry about them. Just jump right back up and start clapping for yourself!
Getting you out of bed in the morning is definitely the favorite part of my day. Not only do I love listening to you play in your bed once you wake up, but I love how happy and cuddly you are as soon as I pick you up. Then after nursing we get to pick out what you will wear for the day! (you know if we're leaving the house) You have so many fun outfits and I can't believe you are wearing shoes now! Then you are so excited to see your toys and to eat breakfast. Yep mornings are my fav.
You have finally started caring who I hand you over to, and aren't exactly happy for me to leave you most days. I think you do ok once I'm out of sight but when I return you will crawl or walk to me so fast with a big smile on your face and it always makes the return so much sweeter!
Your motor skills just keep abounding. You love to run when I hold on to your hands. You are also very good at climbing on top of things and can even walk down stairs holding onto the railing. When you can't reach something you stand up on your tiptoes and stretch your arm out and if it still doesn't work you find something to stand on so you can get it. It's so cute! I love to watch you play with toys, figure out how they work, "read" books to yourself, and socialize with other kids.
The list of adorable things you are doing just keeps growing. You love to sing LOUDLY in church and can be quite disturbing for those around you who can't help but giggle while you belt out your monotone syllables. Last week you saw daddy passing out communion trays and pointed to him and said "dada" over and over again while I tried to shhhh you! You can whisper, you can screech (in fact you are hoarse right now from screeching so much), you know what a "cow" is and can sort of "moo," and you say something that sounds like "yes." You will say "mama" now without always crying and I quite enjoy this. You also have started initiating hugs and kisses that melt my heart.
I'm constantly re-baby-proofing as I find things that you love to get into that you shouldn't. You just toddle and babble your way all over the house taking books off shelves, looking through photo albums, breaking things, pulling furniture on top of you, getting into the trash and the dog bowls and the closets and everything! I just follow you around and try to pick up as we go along so I'm not left with as huge of a mess at the end of the day. It's exhausting but I wouldn't trade this time with you for anything!
You've been trying lots of new foods and are definitely a carb lover. If you see a piece of bread you will forget whatever else is on your plate and point to it making pleading noises. Let's not even discuss how you pulled on Uncle Joe's sleeve just begging him for some of his spaghetti the other night. You weren't too fond of the cupcake at your party but you eventually ate it very slowly and pretty neatly....for a 12 month old. Cheerios are still a favorite and those yogurt melts might be in close second! You like all kinds of fruit but the veggies are still hard...probably because I don't eat them either so it's a family challenge. And you are finally drinking from a cup! You figured out the straw cup and will drink water from it!
You are growing right on target and are 30 inches long and 21 pounds according to your Dr. appointment today. You have 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth. Your hair keeps getting lighter and longer and prettier. You really are the most beautiful little girl!
All week long the thought of what we were doing a year ago has been constantly in my mind. I literally kept looking at my watch the other day thinking "right now a year ago I was blow drying my hair, putting on my yellow shirt, kissing Charlie, walking out the door to my Dr. appt., being told to call my husband because I was having a baby today, being alone in a hospital bed scared and waiting for your daddy to show up, waiting for contractions to start, having my water broken, etc. And it's just blowing my mind that those memories were 365 days ago! I remember so much of it so vividly that I cannot believe it was a year ago. And yet it also feels like it was eons ago because you are such a part of me that it's hard to remember the life we had before you!
I love you sweet girl! Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me this year and for the way you have stretched my heart to limits I never knew existed. I can't wait to see what this next year holds for us!



Anonymous said...

Katie, you will be doing the same thing in 25 years. Such precious memories we mothers have of bringing our children into this world. Olivia is such a beautiful little girl. Not surprising though with the parents she has. Grandma can appreciate the carb lover thing. I have to start my morning with carbs too (but I like a little coffee along with it). And I'm not surprised to hear she is a singer. All of my grandkids have a song in their heart. I can't wait to hear her for myself. Olivia, Grandma loves you very very much. I thank God (and your wonderful parents) for bringing you into my life. Happy Birthday, Grandma

Erin said...

What a sweet family picture! That needs to be on your Christmas card.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Such a sweet post. I can't believe your sweet baby is already one.

Anonymous said...

The first pictures is one of my favorites. That sweet smile just makes me happy. It's amazing the difference one year truly can make. Love yall!



I do the whole looking at the watch thing on the girls birthdays too. =) She really is such a beautiful little girl and is apparently REALLY working on that personality to match. You guys are wonderful parents. Love you,

kmom said...

Olivia is as cute and lovable in person as she is in the pictures.

tricia said...

This was so sweet, I am trying to hold back tears! You are such a good mommy!

devon lorraine ... said...

she is just a gorgeous little girl! she's initiating hugs & kisses?? i bet your heart is a puddle!

lauren and brad said...

a whole year! a whole year! it goes too fast!

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