Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Party Pics (a novel in 4 parts)

I'll do the party prep pics later even though that's out of sequential order but I know some of you just want to see her with cake on her face so I'll save the other post for tomorrow.

Chapter 1: The decorations

The party was outside but thanks to swarms of flies in our yard, I thought it best to keep the buffet inside. I recycled a banner I had made for a baby shower and made her a bday sign that hopefully (if I don't lose it) we can reuse for future birthdays too!
The party favors were felt flowers and the guest book was a tree that our guests could "leaf" their thumbprint on with green ink.

I'm hoping to keep this a tradition too with other fun ink/thumbprint ideas each year. (saw it online...I can't take credit for this idea)
It will be great to hang on her wall or put in a memory book.
Outside I just used chalk to decorate the driveway.

Chapter 2: The Cupcakes

I was brave and tried a healthier and quite possibly yummier version of cupcakes. You just take devils food cake mix and a can of pumpkin and voila! Delicious!
We sang her happy birthday, but she wasn't into eating the cupcake too much. After she tested it out a few minutes it grew on her and she ate most of it....pretty neatly too.
Kinda looks like she might wanna throw it up here! (she didn't)

Chapter 3: The Presents

I will have more pics of her felt playhouse that I finished just in time later. But it made for a great decoration/playhouse for the kiddos there/present holder. It just slips over a card table.
She wasn't really interested in the opening of presents but every now and then some tissue paper or a card would catch her fancy.
Ben was my little helper.

Chapter 4: The guests

Some drove a few miles and some drove all the way from Tennessee!
We are so blessed to have these people in our lives and if our house were bigger we would've been able to have more! Thank you everyone for making her first birthday so special!


The McDowells said...

Great job Katie! I love the playhouse.

Tarren and Erin said...

Katie, it looks like it was fun! We are so sorry to have missed it. :(

okcowgirl421 said...

So cute! I'm totally stealing the thumbprint idea. If I can remember it for that long. :-P Happy (belated) Birthday to Olivia!

Monique and Granny said...

What a wonderful birthday party! You did a great job!!

Shawn and Becky said...

Awesome Party!! I love love love the thumbprints!

Shawn and Becky said...

Awesome Party!! I love love love the thumbprints!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now you've set the standard and its going to be hard to beat every year. I love the tiered cupcakes. So colorful. And it sounds yummy. You are so amazing and creative. Sure wish we could have been there to share in the fun. Thanks for the great pictures. I love the one of you and Ry kissing her. Miss ya. See you real soon. Love, Mom aka Gma

tricia said...

Oh my goodness, this looks AMAZING! :) Olivia is so lucky! Looks like a superfun birthday!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

So so so cute. I love the thumbprint idea and the felt playhouse! So, all you dumped in the cake mix was a can of pumpkin or pumpkin pie filling and then bake?

devon lorraine ... said...

i almost felt like i was there too! you did an awesome job!

and even if you found it online, i love that thumbprint tree! did you print it from the internet too? because i love the design and the font.

happy birthday olivia! your mom has her work cut out if she wants to top this party when birthday #2 comes along! but we're not going to even THINK about that yet!

lauren and brad said...

kate, you throw one sweeeeeet party!

we had so much fun!

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