Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pops: A birthday tradition?

Technically her real birthday was on Friday even though the party was Saturday. So for her real birthday we celebrated at Pops with the family that had just driven in from Tennessee. I think this might be a fun birthday tradition too. I love this place. Especially on a night with perfect weather.
The grass there is like carpet. Perfect to play on.
The drinks are delicious and there are over a gazillion to choose from. The food is good and cheap.
The secret to not having to wait is to order your food to go and then just sit on the picnic tables out back instead of a regular table with a waiter who bugs you and you have to tip!
Liv loved running around and I think we got some memorable photos. She loves to run and hold my hands and even though this photo is blurry I still love her expression!
Please enjoy this next sequence of photos of my mother. This is what she does to make Olivia smile in pictures.
It usually just makes the rest of us smile while Olivia makes this face.....
Good times. Good memories. Thank you family for coming all the way to see us!
My dad was there too but he must've been hiding in all the photos :)


Leslie said...

conveniently cropped out all the croc potential in the photos. we want more croc!!

Monique and Granny said...

Your mom photos made my night!!

Shannon said...

i love these pics and the ones from the partay too :) wish i could have been there! glad to talk to you today too!

devon lorraine ... said...

yay, a new family tradition! i just love pictures of liv with ponytails!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Grandmas will do anything for a smile. Besides, its our job to embarrass our kids as often as possible. I'm sure Ry will agree that I'm very good at my job. Those are great pictures. Can we go to Pops next time we're in OKC. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

lauren and brad said...

let's make it a lo+kate tradition too! :)

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