Monday, September 06, 2010

She'll Help Keep Your Family Safe

You better watch out Rick Mitchell! She's after your job!
A few nights ago we had a storm. A pretty normal Oklahoma storm: one that leaves the weather people all in a tizzy!! I seriously love the pandemonium and watch every second of it when "severe" weather strikes. There's nothing like it and you cannot even begin to understand unless you've lived here.
At one point Rick even said "Our winds are gonna be WAY stronger than the winds you guys on the east coast are experiencing with hurricanes" It's not a contest don't need to one-up them! I love it though! Anyway our power was out for a few hours, but it was still light outside (that eerie pinky/yellow light after a storm) so Ryan and I peeked out and saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky.
Little by little every one of our neighbors came out too. (It was a lot like the scene in Wizard of Oz when the dwarves all start to come out of the flowers) we were all staring at the rainbow with our cameras out saying "Double Rainbow, Full on double rainbow, WHOA! What does it mean"
And at that moment I've never felt closer to my neighbors. It truly was a magical moment. Gotta love the internet!
(It really was a double rainbow too! You can see it slightly to the right of the other one, in the second picture one is coming out of each one of their heads)


Tarren and Erin said...

I like that in that last picture it looks like Ryan and Olivia are both in their underwear.

Leslie said...

double rainbow!! do you guys watch jimmy fallon? i think he's off for the summer (aint that over yet), but he did the DR thing and i just about died.

p.s. our east coast winds weren't nothing to get excited about. no power outages! oklahoma wins!

Anonymous said...

It really is beautiful. I sure miss those midwest storms. Can you order one up for me in October or is that a little late? I think Olivia has a career in meteorology in her future. That is the cutest weatherperson I've ever seen. Love you guys and am glad you're safe after your storm. Mom aka Gma

Anonymous said...

Dude, in the first picture she totally looks like a real weatherman (baby)!! That's crazy! I'm excited to see you guys whenever you decide to grace TN with your presence again. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is freaking hilarious! Love the invitations for the party, but am more exited about the future Gary England/Rick Mitchell.

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