Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Volume 8: I like my house because

....of our back patio. It's partly shaded and part in the sun, it has a small brick wall around it with lots of shrubs for Charlie to jump over when fetching her bone. It makes for a great place to have a fire pit with friends, a cookout with the family, a playgroup for babies, a quiet breakfast in the peaceful morning, a surprise gathering to reunite friends, or a birthday party for a one year old. Yep we have many fond memories of the back patio and I love it!
(love this photo of Lo, I think it should be a stock photography photo)


Anonymous said...

You really do have a very nice back patio. Not to mention a great back yard with a lot of potential. Wish I got to spend more time there. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

we made it! we made it onto your blog again!!

tricia said...

i miss your back patio-i want to visit it again soon!!

devon lorraine ... said...

yesssss... 1) i made your blog & 2) i love your back yard!

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