Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best Secret in Seminole!

Who knew something so wonderful (besides two of my best buds) could come from such a tiny town?! Lo and I headed to the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum last week and had a ball. The awesome-ness of it was a little lost on my daughter BUT she still had fun running all over the place and I appreciated that I didn't have to worry what she could or couldn't touch/climb on/ push/ etc. because it's for kids! She could mess with all of it! (except for when she tried to eat the rocks on the playground.) I can't wait to take her back when she will appreciate it even more! Here are some of the fun pics I got.
They dug for dinosaur bones, got to explore a plane and an ambulance, they were weathermen, doctors, car repairmen, but most importantly curious kids!
Des and Lo enjoyed the tornado chamber whose wind speeds got up over 70 mph! I'm thinking that would be a great fast way to dry my hair if I had one of those in my home!
It's safe to say Ben's favorite part was the kids grocery store. Lucky for Ben the adult sized version of those are located all over and they are free!!
"I got the laundry soap mom!"
The statues and dummies really threw Olivia for a loop. She kept touching them, looking at their faces, and tugging on their hands trying to figure out why they wouldn't respond back!
All 3 kids passed out on the way back to OKC.
That's how you definitely know they had fun!
I've been wanting to take this picture for awhile and we finally remembered to do it! Here we were a little over a year ago....
....and here were are now with our babies!
If you have kids I highly recommend this place.


Monique and Granny said...

I like the kids grocery store.

Anonymous said...

Oregon has a pretty cool one too, and when we went there for the first time, the kids had a blast-- until my son ran and hit something somehow (I wasn't watching like a hawk) and he needed stitches right next to his eye. I recommend the museum trip, not the hospital one. Jessica Van Winkle

Anonymous said...

If you ever have time you should check out Little Rock's Children's Museum and/or Memphis. It is alot of fun! -April

Anonymous said...

Grandma will have to take all the grandkids to Portland's Childrens Museum while you're home for Christmas. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Love, Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

yup. you should totally work at the oklahoma state tourism board. it looks like so much fun to live there!

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