Monday, October 11, 2010

Book Review

I updated my shelfari last week and had a blast going back through the blog for the past 5 years to see what all books I have read. I realize I rarely get comments on my Book Review posts and that most of you probably don't care what I'm reading, but this category can just be a record for my own sake because it is really fun to go back and get ideas for more books to read by seeing authors and subjects I liked so if you don't like it then just skip this post and check back for a better one tomorrow! (no pics but I did link to each book)

Our book club met last week to discuss our latest read, Little Bee by Chris Cleave. There were mixed emotions but I was not one in favor of the book. The only thing I liked about it was that it brought to light an issue I didn't really know anything about: refugees. Other than that I thought the author (who was male) wrote for 2 different females characters in ways that I do not think females would think or act. The character development was faulty and the whole tale was pretty unbelievable to me. However it is a best seller, a quick read, suspenseful, and half of our group loved I guess you will have to read it and decide for yourself!

I read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school and loved it. Then I got it for a Christmas gift from my sis-in-law and decided it was time to read it again. Loved it even more. Such a timeless classic. Doesn't everyone just wish they knew an Atticus Finch? So wise, so patient, so understanding, so honest, so loyal, so brave, so moral, so noble. And that Scout is a great character too. I think I need to watch the movie again soon.

I also finished reading/skimming Honey for a Child's Heart and felt I needed to do another update on this book. It really was a great insight into what reading to your children does for them on many levels. I especially enjoyed the chapter on how to incorporate reading the Bible into your family. I think this is a great book for all parents to check out.

I loved The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag (the second Flavia de Luce novel). Flavia reminds me a bit of Scout Finch...but the British version. I anxiously await his third Flavia novel and I recommend this to anyone who likes a fun mystery! But read the first one first!

My other sis-in-law's favorite book is The Witch of Blackbird Pond and I checked it out last week and couldn't believe that I had read it as a 12 year old and liked it then. It seemed like such a "grown-up" like tale but I guess that's how you know good literature: It's fun to read when you are young and older (I'm not old yet!) I loved it and it made me sooooo thankful I did not live in the 18th century. People cried "witch" WAY too easily! But I would like to be called Goody Isenberg. Just kidding.

I'm currently reading another David Sedaris book and have checked out probably more than I can finish while in TN but that doesn't mean I can't try!


kmom said...

I find it interesting to find out what you are reading and what you think about the books.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its just a mom thing, but I like your book posts too. Can't wait to see ya Thursday. Love ya, Mom I

Monique and Granny said...

I want to read To Kill a Mockingbird now. Seen the movie, but never read the book.

The Moores said...

I think I need to read Witch of Blackbird Pond again. I know it's Laura's favorite book, but I read it a long time ago when I was like 10 and don't remember a thing about it.
(Just FYI, if any of my relatives are rich: a Kindle is considered a tool or gadget)

Becky Welch said...

I LOVE reading and am ashamed to say I have never had to read To Kill a Mockingbird but think I will. Witch of Blackbird Pond - one of my all time favs! I am going to have to get the one about reading to your children! Would love to read about it!

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