Monday, October 18, 2010

Craftastic Evening!

Thanks to a good friend, whose only birthday wish was a night without kids where she could craft as long as she wanted, I got to partake in an awesome girls night where there was yummy food, lots of laughter, fun stories, and most importantly crafts...until the weeeee hours of the morning!! I somehow managed to forget my camera at the actual event but Ryan took some photos of the prep work and the crafty results! (he's so much better with a camera than I am)
Only a sneak peek though because it might ruin Christmas surprises!Thank you Lauren for having the best birthday wish ever!! I think I might have to ask for the same thing for my birthday!


Monique and Granny said...

What a great birthday wish!

lauren and brad said...

Oh I really hope that is your birthday wish too! It was so much fun!!!

tricia said...

ohh that is a GREAT birthday wish!!

Leslie said...


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