Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Don't Clean It First!!

This is a new series which requires reader participation for different fun questions. I don't know what to call it yet so suggestions are appreciated Leave your answer and suggestion in the comments!

The first question is
What's On Your Nightstand Right this Second?
(don't clean it off first or tell me what you wish was there or wasn't there. Be honest!)
  • Lamp
  • Photo of Ryan and I at sunset in Oregon when we were dating
  • gross dried roses in a vase
  • huge bottle of ibuprofen (Ryan has dubbed me "our lady of perpetual sickness")
  • library card
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • chapstick
  • nail clippers and file
  • pens
  • pack of Orbit Sweet Gum
  • Olivia's hair clip
  • a speaker
  • a gum wrapper
  • a barrette
  • an extra button off of a new shirt
  • a business card for OU physicians
  • Bottle of water (from the Dental Depot)
  • a used kleenex
  • dust
And if you needed proof I added a photo.
Now it's your turn!! You don't have to add a photo though...unless you know how and want to!


Anonymous said...

We don't have separate night stands, just one shared headboard and on it are: 2 speakers, 2 clocks (one projects on the ceiling), a pair of glasses, a bottle of hand lotion, 2 magazines (car ones because they're Ricks), and a basket with the remotes. No pics because I don't know how. Mom aka Gma

Michelle said...

A starfish, hair tie, my butterfly Jewerly box, hand crafted box from sorrento, Italy, Maddies socks and a glass of red wine.....

Roxanne said...

Oh man! I'm almost embarassed about how clean mine is... I have my lamp, 4 pictures (it's a wide night stand), my cell phone charger and nail clippers. I feel like I need to clutter it now! haha.

The Moores said...

I have a lamp, an alarm clock, a copy of Pride and Prejudice and that's it. I feel like I need more clutter too!

Leah said...

Right now, a clock on top of a novel I never read, lamp, baby monitor, phone charger, water bottle, and a slew of medicines... Nyquil, nose spray, dayquil drops, ibuprofen, a box of kleenex and a couple used kleenex.... Can you tell I've had the sniffles?

Sommer said...

Last month's Consumer Reports (trying to get through all the interesting articles before starting this month's) and the remote to my fan.

Anonymous said...

A fan, a clock, glass of water, and phone. -April

Erica said...

I have no nightstand...so sad. Each night I put my alarm clock on the floor along with a glass of water and perhaps ear plugs if Angelita (my 75 year old apartment mate) has the TV up too loud.

okcowgirl421 said...

*A lamp
*hand lotion
*foot lotion
*OSU coaster
*Eskimo Joe's cup of water
*"candid" engagement pic of Nathan and me
*small frame with Nathan's HS Senior pic in it (a pic that I've had since he was a Sr. and we were just friends! Frame has Jeremaiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you..." on it)
*pre-natal vitamins (for bf, NOT because I'm having another one)
*bottle of colace (don't think that needs an explanation)
*Jenny McCarthy's "Baby Laughs" (which is not NEARLY as funny as "Belly Laughs")
*Boundaries in Marriage
*a Parenting magazine
*a bunch of dust bunnies

And no, it's not a full sized dining table. :)

Jennifer said...

A stack of books
A magazine
My I-phone charger
And a BBT Thermometer

Amanda G. said...

lamp, iPod dock, glass of water, cut orchid in a makeshift vase, copy of last month's Bon Appetit

Anonymous said...

lamp, alarm clock, electric screwdriver, paint brush, blue painter's tape, coaster, two remotes, a candle, and a sound machine


___________________ said...

I love it!

Lamp, a framed photo from one of our engagement pictures, the book Public Enemies, and a daily bible readings bible, 3 hair ties, a bobby pin, and black beaded bracelet.

Title suggestions: Q&A Wednesday, Free For All, Nosy Bits,
Katie's Queries.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Katie's Queries! That commenter didn't sign her name, but I like her suggestion. Mom I

H said...

a box of stationary, a lamp, an alarm clock, 7 books I plan on reading at some point but some of them have been there over a year now, two parenting magazines, always a glass of water from the night before, a coster.

okcowgirl421 said...

So when I commented yesterday I was going only on memory. I came upstairs last night and realized that amazingly there is actually MORE on my nightstand:

* necklace
* two burp rags
* salt lamp (courtesy of my mom - supposedly helps with allergies)
* three burp rags in various states of cleanliness.

I think I need help...

Shawn and Becky said...

A lamp, alarm clock, hair rubber band, book on retirement planning and dust . . . but I recently cleaned it off and shoved other items in the drawers.

Kira said...

stealing for my blog :)

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