Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Katie's Queries

It's time for your favorite series, and you can't clean this either before you answer....

What is inside your freezer at this very moment?
(if you have a deep freeze this answer could take a lot longer)

I did this post a week ago so I could have fun while I was in TN and not worry about blogland, but when I posted this a week ago the items included

--a broken ice maker
--empty ice trays
--bags of frozen breast milk
--pear sauce
--a large box of flavor ice (and a bag of them from who knows how long ago)
--a bag o' chicken
--a loaf o' bread
--a can of frozen OJ
--unsalted butter
--frozen veggies (some for ice packs clearly marked)
--ice packs
--leggo my eggo

(P.S. I noticed that before some of the items I added the adjective 'frozen' which seems to be redundant but I did it nonetheless.)

And of course here is a photo for your viewing pleasure....
Your turn. Go!


Anonymous said...

Ok let's see...sausage and biscuits, frozen veggies, french fries, ice, chicken, pork chops, steaks, cookie dough, toaster strudels, fish. -April

Yellow like Mustard said...

I think we are probably the most boring people. :)

Lean Cuisines...about 5.
Steamfresh Veggies.
Ice Cream.
3 Ice Packs.
Ice maker.

Sommer said...

It's funny that this is the question. A few weeks ago I cleaned out my freezer and made a list of everything in it (much much too long to include here). Then the next day I typed up and organized my list by food type (Veggies, Dessert, Main Dishes, Ingredients, Fruit, etc). I told a few people about this because I thought it was genius, but they just made fun of me.

However since my freezer is very very full this has been very useful. Just the other night I used my list to discover that I had a nearly empty bag of dumplings and a bag of green beans. ::bam:: dinner. And then I crossed them off my list :)

Leslie said...

-three ice cube trays in constant rotation
-raw garbanzo beans
-blueberries from the local farm
-organic beef short ribs
-a whole chicken
-three half pints of different frozen yogurt
-homemade chicken potstickers (made with a -chinese student)
-homemade chicken curry (made with a japanese partner
-two boxes of pie dough
-bag of peas
-bag of yellow, green, red peppers
-a container we dump leftover plain rice into. constant rotation, perfect for smaller portions or rice dishes.

Monique and Granny said...

Stir fry Vegetable Blend
Valley Fresh Vegetable Steamers
Raisin Bread
Tatar Tots
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissants
Ice trays

Anonymous said...

Your mother in law has:
peanut better cups (Dads donation)
snickers (they are so bad for your teeth frozen)
tator tots
hamburger (divided into 1# packages)
hot dogs (for Violet & Hazel of course)
chow mein
pie crust

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