Sunday, October 10, 2010

Newsletter: 13 Months

Happy 13 months baby girl! Yes I'm going to try to keep writing you a monthly newsletter. It's getting harder to keep up with all the fun things you are learning and doing though. My favorite thing this month is how many more fine motor skills you are learning. You love to sing the "Where is Thumbkin" song and you get your fingers out and try to copy me. Your Bible class teacher even says you try to copy the older babies while they do the hand motions to songs in class. You love to carry your Bible out from your bedroom and start patting it until I start singing "pat the Bible.."
You are doing sign language for 'more' and 'all done' and we are working on some other signs. You don't really like us to read to you but you love to open the books and point to items while I count them. Sometimes you even "count" yourself while you point to them. It doesn't sound like real words but I know what you are doing and I think you're a genius!
You are learning where noses, mouths, and eyes are and had a great time pointing out baby Milo's facial features when he was over last week. I don't think he shared in your enthusiasm but once I told him it was all for education's sake, he didn't mind you gently poking him as much.
Bed time has gotten so much easier lately!! It's been a trade off I guess because when you are awake I can't take my eyes off of you for long because you are so mobile. But with your new mobility comes a very sleepy baby at about 8pm and you go right to sleep without much singing or bouncing. You often talk or sing yourself to sleep! Evening times are getting easier but dinner time is getting much more difficult. You are eating lots of new foods but you often are done right when you father and I are starting to eat which makes for a very fussy, loud, and tearful time. There is lots of food thrown on the floor and lots of frustration. Hopefully this will improve soon! Some of your favorite foods include spaghetti, chicken/veggie casserole, and of course any carb (crackers, cheerios, bread).
You aren't a huge fan of playing with toys. You would much rather hold a flashlight and cell phone in your hand and just walk around the house opening and closing doors all day. Sadly none of the doors in our entire house latch so every room is accessible! (Thanks for throwing my keys in the toilet this week) You are pretty good and climbing up and down stairs by holding on to the railing. You've gotten lots of practice while we sit on the front porch every day and wait for daddy to come home from work. It's the favorite part of our days!
With your new adventurous spirit comes MANY falls and tumbles. One day I lost track of how many times you'd hit your head so hard I would've sworn you had a concussion. Usually you just hop right back up but sometimes you shed a tear and come running to me and hug my legs for a second, then shake it off and go on to explore another room! You also came running to hug my legs when Daddy got onto you about something yesterday. Where do you learn that from?! I tried my hardest not to look at you so you'd know that Daddy and I are on the same team but it was tough!
You are finally sleeping through the night from about 8pm to 6am. Then I get up and nurse you and you immediately go right back to sleep until about 9am! I know this will probably change but I am very thankful that you sleep in, and it helps us both since you only take one nap a day! You can reach the light switch from your crib if you stand on your tip toes and that is how I know you are awake in the morning. I can hear you flipping the switch on and off and you even showed me how you do it for the camera!

With the change in the weather I'm already getting excited as I look forward to the holiday season and start thinking of all the family memories we will be making this year with your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
I know that all the things you are learning and doing are normal for your age but because you are MY baby I will continue to think you are a genius and will continue to be overly enthusiastic with each new skill you show me. I hope you will always know that I am proud of you and your daddy and I are your biggest fans! We love you sweet girl!



Becky Welch said...

Now that we have internet back at our house I am reading on a more regular basis. I think it is sweet how you have written a letter each month. Wish I had done something like that (and may start even though mine are 7 and 8!) Olivia is just precious!

Anonymous said...

I love watching the videos!! I had a huge smile on my face thinking of Olivia turning on the lights to get your attention. Too cute!! -April

Shawn and Becky said...

I love those photos of her, she's so cuuuute! All the trying times lead to wonderful times - but when you're in em, you're in em! Enjoy the sleeping in . . . Cameron wakes up at 5:30 now and there's no getting him back to sleep. I'm praying for that teenager in him to come out - I'd take 7am :) And craft night sounds wonderful! Wishing Oklahoma was closer.

Kristen said...

I love how she waves "hi" while watching her hand the whole time. =) She's a cutie!

kmom said...

Dear Olivia,
Grammy loves you too!!! See you soon!

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