Sunday, October 03, 2010


Fridays are my favorite. Saturdays I usually hate. Ryan gets a half day on Friday which means I get to spend more time with my hubby and Liv gets to spend more time with her daddy and we usually do something fun in the evening as a family and the weekend is ahead of us! And you would think I love Saturday for the same reasons right? But no, I don't. I really can't explain why either. They usually seem really long and boring or really overcrowded with stuff and busy. For whatever reason though this Saturday was perfect, the whole weekend was actually, and I hope there are more like it!
It might've had something to do with the perfect weather, the good mood of my child, the quality of sleep time we all got, the books I read, the perfect weather, the lazy family snuggle time on Saturday morning in flannel sheets, my daughter's cute pigtails, the yummy french toast and fruit breakfast, the fun at the park in the perfect weather, the pretzel at the mall, the kids play zone at the mall, or maybe the perfect weather. This weekend was just proof that I can like Saturdays and I will try my hardest to recreate ones like yesterday...maybe God will give us just a few more perfect weather weekends before He inevitably sends us an ice storm!


Anonymous said...

Who ever came up with the idea to put play areas in a mall was a genius. I'm so glad you had a great weekend. I did too. Carrie and Alice have been here and I've enjoyed time with granddaughters #1, 2, and 3. I'm so glad I get to see #4 next week. Love you guys loads. Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...


tricia said...

loving the pigtails!!

lauren and brad said...

man...she does love the mall place!! we need to go!

kmom said...

That is so Olivia, not content to play close at hand, but wanting to venture forth away to explore other things (the big mall instead of just the play area.)

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