Thursday, October 14, 2010

Volume 9: I like my house because...

....of our bathroom. Indeed, at times I wished we had another one, but I am thankful for the one that we have. I love the color, I love the small toilet (my feet touch the ground when I sit on it...very important), the old tub, the tile on the shower wall, the mirror, and the pedestal sink.

It might be smaller than most bathrooms but for an older home I think it's quite roomy. Does anyone remember when it looked like this when we moved in?
Yeah no thanks. It's way more serene now!


Anonymous said...

The green is definitely better. Good job. Love, Mom aka Gma

Monique and Granny said...

Like the new look for the bathroom too!

reborn1995 said...

If you're feet touch the ground only on a small toilet, then there's no way you took the last photo yourself, is there? =o)


Leslie said... guys have a bathroom? did we see it when we were there?

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