Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watch out Rick Steves

Our little lady is getting to be quite the traveler and we are getting better at figuring out what works best when traveling with her! First of all it's best to leave early in the morning so she'll go right back to sleep...
When needing a change of scenery it's always great to go outside exploring. (Especially when there's a great grandad with a great rocking chair nearby!)And always have lots of snacks on hand to hush up any hunger pains
Make sure to get LOTS of physical activity in the daytime so you'll sleep better at night. (child labor is great physical exercise!)
And when mom and dad get tired of driving.....just let the baby drive!


Leslie said...

remember being comfortable sleeping like that? WHY am i no longer able to get all cozylike on the plane/car/bus/train to maximize my time?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll let her fly the plane at Christmas if she gets bored and cranky. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

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