Monday, November 08, 2010

Book Reviews: The Sad Truth

I realize many of you wonder how I read so many books. The answer is, I don't sleep. You can judge how well I'm sleeping by how many books I'm reading. The more books = The less sleep. So as of late you can see I'm pretty much not sleeping at all. Why am I not sleeping? Lately because of horrible back pain. I wake up so uncomfortable with sciatic pain out the wazoo and the only thing I can do after tossing and turning and praying is to get up, walk around, do yoga poses, eat something, read, convince myself to finally take some ibuprofen, and maybe after 3 to 5 hours finally go back to sleep. Inevitably about an hour after I go back to sleep my daughter wakes up. I don't say this so you'll pity me. I really don't. I say this so you aren't wondering what magical powers I possess to read so many books in such a short time when it's very obvious I don't have much time on my hands with a toddler running around. If you find yourself envious of how many books I read just ask yourself would you rather sleep or read? I would rather sleep but until is what I've read lately! (click on titles to see a better description of the book)

Outliers wasn't my typical read but it was truly fascinating and I read it in a day...that's how cool it was. It's an intellectual study that answers questions like why are famous hockey players all born in the same 3 months, how do cultural social skills affect plan crashes, why are Asians good at math, and are the rich and famous people just lucky? It takes a look at what makes certain people successful and is a fascinating read. He's got 2 other books that I'm interested in checking out. I think the majority of people would be interested in reading this book.

When You Are Engulfed in Flames is another one of Sedaris's books of essays. I like him but I think I liked his stories about his childhood more than his adulthood. If you are a fan of his then you will like this one too. If not....then prob not....duh. Essays are fun because each chapter is self containing so you can be reading another book at the same time.

I could've sworn I already told you about Half Broke Horses but I can't find it anywhere. I loved loved loved this book. It's by the same author as The Glass Castle but this one is a memoir about her grandmother's life. It's a true story but she took creative license and wrote it in the first person perspective so it's in the fiction section of your library. This lady lived a hilarious, brave, and fascinating life and I want more books like this in my life.

I read Peace Like a River by Leif Enger about 5 years ago and I loved it then, but like most books....I don't remember much about it a week after I read it! So when it came up as our book club's book of the month, I was glad to read it again. It didn't disappoint me either. I gave it a 9 or a 10 and had the whole family pictured in my head as to who would play them in the motion picture....and then I found out it's in the works to be a movie! Jape Waltzer is one villain I won't soon forget. Great book and another one that I think most people would find enjoyable!

I've been a fan of Haven Kimmel's since I read a few of her books awhile ago, so when I saw she had some more novels out that I hadn't read I decided to check them out. And I immediately remembered why I put her as my favorite author (next to Salinger) on my facebook page. Her writing style is so poetic and beautiful that you can't skim her books. You have to read each sentence and digest it like a yummy piece of dessert! I read The Used World and Iodine and was immediately angry that I had no one to discuss them with!! Luckily Michelle read one and Lauren is reading it now so I'll have discussion companions soon! The books are nothing alike. The former is about three women's lives and the mysterious way they connect. Started out slow but soon had me on the edge of my seat. The latter isn't for everyone but this psychological thriller had me guessig the whole way through. Every character is not who they seem and there are so many stinking metaphors and archetypes I felt like I needed to write an essay for Honors English when I was done with it but I loved it and was reminded why I list her as my fav author. Now I'm currently re-reading more of her books.

Up next I'm thinking I'll try to tackle The Hunger Games series that I keep hearing about, Model Home (for book club) another Leif Enger book, and more Haven Kimmel. I decided not to read the Dragon Tattoo for awhile as so many people said it was disturbing and gave them nightmares. I'm already having enough trouble sleeping!

P.S. I finally went to the doctor today for my back pack and he thinks it's prob a bad sprain so I have 3 different medications that will hopefully knock me out at night and allow me to take care of my daughter in the day. So we'll see how many books I read this next month!


Sommer said...

Malcom Gladwell's stuff is great! Definitely read Blink next. I started Tipping Point and it was a much harder read and didn't make it all the way through it. Along the same lines as his books is Freakonomics ( and they have Super Freakonomics which I haven't read. Also they made a Freakonomics documentary I think you can rent on Netflix (if you do invite me over!!).

Tarren and Erin said...

Have you tried the Chiropractor?

Ryan and Katie said...

yes I was going to the chiropractor for the past 2 months and it helped short term but kept hurting more and more.


I loved Peace Like a River too!! I have only read 1 Haven Kimmel, A Girl Named Zippy. It was HILARIOUS! I will have to read more of hers. I read the Hunger Games Trilogy in 10 days. I won't go into how much I loved it because I don't want you to be underwhelmed if you don't like it. But I did enjoy it. Sorry about your back. Hope you find an effective solution soon! Love ya.

Erin said...

Don't ever read "Leaving the World" by Douglas Kennedy. It's a long read, tragic (esp to a young mother) and doesn't end in a way that I feel closure. Just a heads up on a terrible book. :) Hope you sleep better!

kmom said...

I like the idea of including a rating for each book like when you gave one book a 9 out of 10. The other description stuff is necessary also, because people like to read different stuff and would rate books differently.

Shawn and Becky said...

Reading for pleasure . . . what a concept, I will do that someday . . maybe that will be a goal of mine and I will come back to your reviews and pick me a good one! Umm have you tried Acupuncture? I'm in love with it, it's healed serveral things I've just 'dealt' with for years! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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