Monday, November 01, 2010

The Hurst Mansion

I am not a fan of Haunted Houses and do not care for scary movies anymore (although I did convince Ryan to watch Paranormal Activity with me last night and we both thought it was pretty lame) BUT when I was home I couldn't pass up the chance for a bit of a history lesson with my sister and brother-in-law in McNairy County. Someone recently bought Fielding Hurst's mansion which was built in 1853 and still stands in what used to be the booming town of Purdy (which is now non-existent thanks to Hurst or Nathan Bedfored Forrest or whichever civil war legend you want to believe). Anyway the new owners were having haunted tours but the night we went it was just a tour of the house and a hayride. The man truly was evil and did some heinous things which Joe told me about on the drive out there (it's in the middle of no where). The tour guide even let us look in the cellar and other places that aren't normally on the tour.
It was really fascinating. Amy took these pics of the house to see if we'd catch a glimpse of the colonel in the window but alas we did not.You can read more about the Hurst Nation and the crazy colonel here. Gotta love West Tennessee history. Olivia actually does not share Joe's love for all things McNairy County but that's because she's an Okie.Thanks Uncle Joe and Aunt Amy (no we did not take Olivia with us so thanks Grammy and Poppa for babysitting!)

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Katie, please tell me you don't still believe in ghosts!! Mom I

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