Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I wasn't finished yet

So I still had some photos from our trip to share. Did I mention that Olivia got to meet my mom's parents for the FIRST time!! It was so fun to see them interacting. I'm sure my grandad's favorite part was going to the Hard Luck Diner in Branson and watching his great granddaughter clap along to the singers!
We also went shoe shopping at the outlet stores in Branson where we met the shoe nazi at Stride Rite. I kid you not this lady tried to body block me from even browsing the soft soled shoes because "Olivia would never learn to walk properly if I got them." So I did what any mother would do, punched her in the face and moved on to another store. Ok so maybe I didn't punch her but we did go to another store where her grandma bought her this adorable pair. She wears a 5.5! I was cramming her foot in a 3! Oops!
We played in the backyard a lot with Grammy in Henderson.

And we even went on a picnic one day at the park!

And of course there were lots of fun times with friends and family. (How did I not get a pic of you Rachel?!)

Hopefully we will be back in TN for Thanksgiving, assuming my back will be fine by then and I can sit in a car for that long! Start praying now!


kmom said...

Is that the white sweater I gave her for her birthday?

Ryan and Katie said...

yes it is

Anonymous said...

Katie, I sure hope you get to feeling better. Wish I were there to relieve you. The shoes are so cute on her. What a big girl she is. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

lauren and brad said...

yeah for family time! :)

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