Monday, November 29, 2010

Inappropriate Images from Home: The Full Moon

Can you guess what this is an image of????

If you've come to this site for the first time you might be thinking you'll never return, but I like to keep it PG around here with an occasion for PG-13 material....only if NECESSARY to the post.
It's just the bald heads of my favorite daddio and his little brother. I should've gotten one when their daddio was there too. That would've been an ever more confusing photo!

Up next I will attempt to chronicle the successful trip to TN in which we held another tri-fecta holiday celebratory weekend (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday). Yep it was awesome.


lauren and brad said...

I thought it was Ryan's knee caps!

Jennifer said...

Is it a little sad that I could identify the picture right away? Having a bald husband means that I am quite familiar with the look of a bald head.

Anonymous said...

I hope they all get stocking caps for Christmas. I know it gets cold in Tennessee. Hope you made it home safe and happy happy birthday tomorrow. Counting the days till Christmas. Love ya, Gma aka Mom

Leslie said...

my co-worker says, "yuk."

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