Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Newsletter: 14 Months

This month I can really see you trying to break free from my baby as you gain more and more independence. Sometimes when I hear you've been awake for awhile I'll come in your room to pick you up and instead of running to jump in my arms you just back away as if to say "no thanks mom, I'm still playing, now close my door and let me have some privacy." And I do, but I'm glad when you change your mind and yell for me a few minutes later.
You're just toddling on that brink of becoming a big girl and I see glimpses of it every day. Sometimes when you're nursing you'll spy one of your favorite gadgets like the cordless computer mouse, so you'll grasp it firmly in one hand and come back to nurse, then glance at your toy, then nurse, and I can see in your eyes that your torn between staying in your mommies' arms a bit longer or running to go play. So far my arms usually win but I know they won't forever.
You are learning more sign language words and although you get them confused every now and then you regularly say please, thank you, more, and milk. Sometimes when you are getting frustrated you just start doing them all at once over and over and it's pretty cute. You still aren't saying many words but I know it's because you've been working on other skills like running and climbing.
You love to explore but you aren't too fond of toys. Give you a wide open space or a back yard and you are happy and content just to walk around for hours. Especially if that space has stairs to climb! I am amazed at your stair climbing ability. You can hold on to the railing in our backyard and go up and down all by yourself on your feet.
Despite not enjoying toys you find lots of things you like to play with: lotion bottles, remote controls, stickers, watches, flashlights, and cell phones. I occasionally find these objects in the garbage cans or diaper pail. You also love to play with your socks and shoes and I can never find a match when I need one because you string them all over the house.

You still enjoy bath time at night with your daddy and you're favorite part is brushing your teeth with your infant toothbrush. We still read to you every evening before bed, but you seem to listen and sit still more when I'm not in the room because then you just want to nurse. Your attention span for books is getting a TAD better. Even though you don't always like for us to read them to you, you will sit and turn the pages of your books by yourself for a long time.
Once again I was a dumbfounded mother when I found three molars in your mouth yesterday. THREE! You haven't even been cranky. The other day you took a really long nap but woke up pretty fussy so that's when I decided to check out your gums and lo and behold I could hardly believe it! You don't even have all the bottom 4 in yet but I'm sure you'll get them soon. Maybe these new chompers will help you be able to chew your food better. And maybe that explains why you've been grinding your teeth lately. Your daddy and I shudder when you make that awful noise that we can hear across the room. I smoosh your cheeks together to try and make you stop, sometimes it even looks like your jaw gets stuck. I hope that habit doesn't last long!
You will try just about any food I give you on Wednesdays because you are at tutoring with me and those kids sure do distract you and keep you entertained. They love to play with you on the playground, especially on the slide. I'm probably too trusting because daddy always looks a bit nervous when he gets to church and sees all these kids putting you on their laps to go down the big slide. But I'm nearby making sure you don't get squashed!
One night last week we went to our friends house and you played with their little boy ALL evening. We didn't really have to do anything to keep you two happy, you just played for about 3 hours straight and it hit me that you were becoming a big kid. You may not be able to dress yourself yet or go to the potty or even say any words but I can see a little more independence in you every day and it's a bittersweet feeling. But then when you join your daddy and I in bed on a lazy Saturday and you go back forth snuggling up to us and smiling, I'm reminded that in some ways you will always be my baby even when you are grown.

I love you,


Anonymous said...

Happy 14 month birthday Olivia. Grandma loves you very much and can't wait to see you Christmas. Take good care of Mommy and Daddy for me so they can come with you. Hugs and kisses. Grandma

kmom said...

Olivia, I like reading about you. Love, Grammy

ktsdad said...

It's obvious that we grandparents look forward to this entry every month, whether anyone else reads it or not! Thank you! Poppa

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading it, too. It's fun to see the pictures and hear about how she's growing up. Love you!


kmom said...

I like the first picture best. I think she was teething at my house when you were here in October.

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