Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch Face Off: Part II

Last Thursday we headed to Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch (love the alliteration...but not enough to beat Falcon Ridge!) with some friends and had some more fall foliage fun! (I did it again!)
The best part probably for them was the slide on the hay bales. It's the simple pleasures in life!
Or maybe the best part of this place was the petting zoo. They kids got to walk right in with the turkeys and goats which made me a little nervous. I did see one kid get butted by a goat but he was being rather obnoxious towards it.
Liv just walked right up to all of them and would lightly pat or touch them with one finger. I'm not a germaphobe but after being licked by a horse AND a goat ON THE MOUTH I pretty much wanted her to drink the hand sanitizer.
"Now I'm gonna talk to a goat. I like your beard. I had a beard like that in the Perfect Storm. Say hello to your mother for me" (haha! get it?)
We went on a hayride which made Olivia start to fall asleep again (I'm starting to think of investing in a hayride simulator for her crib)
The whole place was decorated super cute with lots of places for kids to run around...which is good since that's my daughter's favorite thing to do.
Let's just see you take a shot of 4 toddlers sitting still and smiling...this was the best I could do!
One day I'll have a photo of the two of us where her expression doesn't show much disdain she has for me.Have I mention how much my daughter likes to sit on round objects?She has great core muscle tone I'm sure!
After the Patch where else could we go but Pops! I love this place. (This was the reason OK almost beat TN but since Pops isn't really part of the patch I couldn't include it in my judging criteria) It was perfect weather for a picnic outside and Liv was in heaven, as she is in heaven anywhere there is a vast area to run around and explore. She was too excited to eat or even try to beg me for some pop.
Ben got an orange one so it would "match his outfit." Love that kid!
I wish Liv would take lessons from Piper and learn to sit still once in awhile.
Until next year this concludes the Pumpkin Patch Prize Poll Results (sorry I had to throw in some more alliteration) You can see more pics on Lo's blog.


Anonymous said...

Olivia is so so so adorable. Love the pig tails. And she doesn't have disdain for you, she is just a very serious child. Both of the pumpkin patches look like they were loads of fun. Love, Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

another piper!

and i totally say hello to your mother for me all the time. did you see the neil patrick harris one ("hello to the cast of how i met your mother for me"?

kmom said...

Olivia sat still at our picnic in the park at Henderson, Tn. However, she had a large slice of bread in one hand, kids to watch, and she was being spoon fed fruit. I think she looks serious so much because she is thinking, concentrating, and learning about stuff.

devon lorraine ... said...

i love livvy pig tails!
hey ... another piper! i totally thought that there would not be many pipers out there in the world at all. turns out i am wrong wrong wrong!

i love pops! well, i've only been there through lo's blog and yours, but i know i would love it. i would love it even more with you, lo, ben, des and liv, of course.

lauren and brad said...

we had so much fun! too bad oklahoma pumpkin patch didn't win, but maybe next year we can go to Tennessee's and check it out first hand! xo

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