Friday, December 17, 2010

The Athlete

I decided about a month ago that since my body keeps falling apart on me maybe I should try to do something about it. So for my birthday I asked my husband for a gym membership. (?!) I don't exercise people. I have nothing against it, but I am not one of those people who likes to run, or hike, or play sports or even sweat. Ping-pong, yoga, and walking are about as strenuous as I like to get. But I would like to be able to pick-up my daughter without throwing my back out and she's only getting bigger. So thus I found myself in a gym full of sweaty, tan, muscular people using clanky machines that do nothing but intimidate me. I talked to a toothy buff man about the place, the price, the childcare, and saw they had a variety of classes. Now classes I can do. There's other people to motivate me, there aren't machines, I can try out several until I find one I like, and they might even be fun! And the goal is to just be healthier. I'm not trying to lose weight...although I guess it wouldn't be bad if that happened. I'm not training for a marathon or trying to bench press 500 pounds by May. I just want to increase my heart rate a few times a week to feel a little more energized, burn calories, and feel healthier. So far (in my brief gym experience) my favorite is Zumba. Crazy dance moves to fun music, and although I'm not the most coordinated....I'm also not the least. I can hold my own. Plus it's a big class and I'm concentrating so hard on keeping up that I'm not worried what I look like to the class or to the 30 people staring straight into the studio while jogging on their treadmills. Hi people! I even have a few friends that go to the classes which makes it even more fun. We can laugh at ourselves together!

I realize this post calls for a picture of me exercising right? Not gonna happen. So here is a picture of my tennis shoes I work out in. They are from high school. Don't laugh...I also still have a pair from junior high.


Erin said...

I've heard Zumba is awesome!! I enjoy working out not to lose weight either, but just to get an hour to myself. I love it!

Leslie said...

good for you! any reason is a good reason to want to take care of yourself. lots of healing love still coming your way!

Anonymous said...

I hope it helps. Good luck! You'll have to show us Zumba while you're here. You might get us all hooked. Mom aka Gma

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at Curves? They are a workout place only for women, which is what I like. My Curves is starting to incorporate Zumba into their workout plan, I can't wait! Jessica Van Winkle

devon lorraine ... said...

oh my gosh, this cracks me up. your h.s. shoes are the best. just remember that the shoe support actually wears out with time, and we don't need you having any foot pain now, do we??

i'm not sure if i would take zumba with ANYONE i know :)

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