Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crafty Christmas: The Quiet Book

I actually did not finish this gift before Christmas. The Noah's Ark page still needs to be done, I need to finish the cover, and bind the pages with rings and button holes. BUT I do have enough pages to share with you over the next few days, so I can draw this out and you have a reason to come back to the blog! My dear friend Amanda and I started these for our kiddos a few months ago, then she had a baby, and her book got put on hold. Neither one of us can take much credit for how adorable they are since we got most of our ideas from various blogs but I am a bit partial to ours. Without further ado, adieu, adooo (??)

The Quiet Book Cover
Made out of sturdy indoor/outdoor fabric to withstand lots of cheerio covered slimy fingers and maybe a washing machine.
Page 1: Creation
You just lift the felted flaps to have a picture reminder of what God created on that day. And if you feel so inclined you can even sing the song (day one, day one, God made light when there was none.....)
Page 2: Jonah and the Big Fish
You can take Jonah in and out of the fish's mouth and put him in the waves. Jonah is attached with a string so he won't get lost. I did not make the little Jonah. They came in a Christmas felt set and we made the 3 kings lots of different people throughout the book! We got them at Hobby Lobby.
Page 3: Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
Practice those fine motor skills with buttons! Don't you worry, he isn't naked under there. I drew in some Old Testament undies (AKA a wife beater and boxers)
All pages are made stronger by using pellon, thus the reason I ended up hand stitching the pages together. Seems like a hassle but it didn't take that long. Not sure how long it'll stand up but we'll see! Binding with bias tape would've been better but I did not leave room for that on each page.


Anonymous said...

I can try as hard as I want but I cannot be as crafty. This is so cute! -April

Monique and Granny said...

Very impressive!

Kayla said...

I made one of these for Avery but never finished it of course! Ha. My Noah's Ark had snaps on the animals to snap them by their mate or put them in the ark. We did Samson's hair to braid. Our Whale had a zipper to get Jonah out. The Days of creation was very similar I believe and same with Button coat. It was so fun to make! Can't wait to see what you do. I think mine has one page I never finished. Maybe I can steal a page from yours (If I don't have it already) and just get that dern thing finished! haha.

Shawn and Becky said...

That is awesome!

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