Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tri-fecta Shots: Part Dos

So I never finished showing you the rest of our TN tri-fecta holiday photos. Olivia once again was not short on people to play with.
Cousin Greg even took a break from aeroacoustics to drive up from Ole Miss and teach Olivia some lego building skills (or to be around family on Thanksgiving.) Either way it sure was fun to see him and catch up, but it made me miss all of my other Collins cousins. I'm hoping to go to my cousin's wedding this summer though so maybe we can be reunited then! I miss you Collins Clan!
She read books with Poppy and Grammy.

Had lots of fun with Aunt Amy.

And made uncertain faces with her first cousins once removed.
Poppa is still one of her favorite peoples.

My Pop is too!

Then we even got to celebrate Christmas early!

She would've gotten more into her stocking if a yummy food wasn't the first thing she pulled out. After she saw yogurt melts all she wanted to do was eat them. Forget about presents!

But we distracted her so she eventually unwrapped some!

We always have fun in TN!

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Leslie said...

OMG!!! That's the same chair I have!!

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