Thursday, December 09, 2010

We decked our halls

The night of my birthday we put up the tree and decorated the living room. I love looking at all the ornaments. So many memories flood back when I see them. We put the least fragile ones towards the bottom and Olivia already has her favorites that she sneaks from the tree and carries around the house. We really need a bigger tree to hold all of our ornaments! Here are some shots...
My grandmother painted these Santa Clauses and they are my favorite Christmas decoration (besides the troll nativity)
This was our Hallmark ornament last year in honor of our first baby. I'm excited to pick out this year's ornament in Oregon!
What is your favorite Christmas decoration?


Chellie said...

We bought our big, nice tree the week after Christmas at Home Depot or Lowes. It was like 75% off! That's the best time to shop.

Leslie said...

antique glass glitter stars. they're my fave.
oh wait! i also liked the mini mercury balls every year, but i used them in the bridal party bouquets! :)

Anonymous said...

My angel tree topper that Carrie made in school in 1987. She was in 2nd grade. I'm going to have to get it laminated pretty soon. But its held up very well for 23 years. The ornaments Laura, Carrie and Ry made in school with their pictures on them are also my faves. Love, Mom aka Gma

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