Thursday, January 06, 2011

Baby's First Antibiotic

And the verdict is.....she's not allergic to penicillin! Woohoo!! (I was standing nearby with Benadryl at hand just in case. I wasn't even nervous about it until the pharmacist freaked me out)
She actually likes that nasty bubblegum flavor too.
Her daddy (who I think has only been to the doctor a grand total of two times since we've been married) is also on drugs this week. By tomorrow they shouldn't be contagious, so we will not be holed up in this house anymore! There is no part of me that is a hermit for more than 48 hours!Ear infections, coughs, and goopy eyes don't slow her down though. She was back to climbing and playing hard core so much today that I lost count of how many things she fell off of today and how many times she hit her head. She has another lovely knot and skinned nose to prove she's still feeling healthy enough to play!
I have been spraying the whole house down with Lysol and even considered spraying it in my mouth but Ryan said it would poison me. So far I'm not sick so maybe my wish to stay healthy this year will come true!

(I promise Oregon pics soon and very soon!)


Leslie said...

"even considered spraying it in my mouth but Ryan said it would poison me" = AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you haven't gotten it Katie. I hope you are spared. Ryan and Olivia, I'm sorry you took some of those Oregonian germs home with you. Next time you come I will have plenty of Lysol on hand and we'll use it religiously. Please come back!!! I love you guys and miss you loads. Love, Mom aka Gma

Kelsey said...

We are all crossing our fingers over here that we didn't catch it! I'm really super sorry that your family did. Katie, I'm so glad I got to hang out with you as much as I did while you were here! Hope we can do it again this summer. Hope you guys get better soon!

JanaGriffis said...

I realize that she doesn't feel good but she looks so adorable in these pictures!

Shawn and Becky said...

I hope you stay healthy and both of them get better soon. So gal we got to see you - even just for a quick visit!!

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