Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good thing we know of a great optometrist!

The majority of Olivia's cousins got glasses before they were like 2 years old or something. I have bad eyesight and Ryan has perfect eyesight, but I think what's going to ruin our kids' eyes is this:
Watching elmo on a 50" TV while standing VERY CLOSE to it.
We'll start practicing for glasses now!


kmom said...

Maybe try putting her little seat out for her to sit on. I was wondering about this potential problem and wondered what others do about it since tvs are so much bigger than they used to be and it was thought to be a problem years ago when they were smaller. The tvs now might emit safer or no rays so maybe it is no longer a problem. The doctor might know.

Anonymous said...

She would be soooo cute in glasses. And on a positive note, it might be a boy-deterrent if you make her wait till she's 21 to get contacts. Just a thought. Love ya, Mom aka Gma P.S. So what about Christmas 2011. We're waiting with baited breath.

ktsdad said...

The optometrist is fairly certain that, if Olivia were going to follow in her cousins footsteps, the problem would have already been evident. If she's going to follow in her her Mom's footsteps, that won't show up until adolescence.

kmom said...

Is there something about Christmas 2011? Is that when Olivia starts wearing glasses or is something else going on? Do I need baited breath too?

lauren and brad said...

oh my goodness! she looks SO cute in those glasses!

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