Monday, January 10, 2011

Newsletter: 16 Months

Dear Olivia,
This photo describes how you live your life and how you look as a result of it. Despite walking for 5 months now you still manage to fall down quite a bit and often land on a concrete surface on your nose. Therefore you get these lovely boo boos on your face. They don't slow you down for long though. You just pick yourself up and start playing just as hard and dangerous!
You started hiding from us while in Oregon and it's a pretty cute hobby. You've started finding good hiding spots at home and love to crouch down behind a chair, or in a corner, or your favorite spot....your closet on the huggies box. You stay there until I come find you, but if I don't hurry you will pull out everything you can reach in your closet and make a mess.
The only words you say consistently are wow, whoa, yes, oh yeah, hi and uh-oh. Every now and then you'll give us a mama or a dada but it's rare. You know what just about everything I say means though. When it's time for breakfast I'll run through a list of options and you'll wave your hand back and forth (meaning no) until I say something you want then you answer "yesssss."
I've had to sit you in time out a few times this month and was shocked that you actually stayed there and it seemed to work. You pout and cry big alligator tears when you sit there. You've also started screaming at the top of your lungs when you don't get your way or are frustrated about something. I try to just ignore it and hope by not showing any reaction you won't keep this up. I foresee grocery store tantrums and it scares me enough to shop alone!
I can tell you are really trying this month to copy certain actions you see others doing. When you spilled water on the floor, I was cleaning it up, and you ran and found a rag and came to help me mop it up. After I clipped your toenails you grabbed the clippers and ran to your room to try and do it yourself. (see pic below) We've been learning new songs with hand motions and you really try to mimic those too. Your favorites are the itsy bitsy spider and roll the gospel chariot.
Christmas was really fun this year and I loved seeing you with your cousins and the excitement you had when opening presents. You didn't care too much about what you opened as much as you just liked to rip paper off of a box but still!
One of the funnest parts of the trip to Oregon was watching you be a social butterfly in the airports. You ran around waving to everyone that passed yelling "Hi-eeee" at them. If someone didn't look at you, you'd go right up to them and pat their knee and then wave and tell them hi. You'd sit down by anyone with a laptop out like they were your friend. You kept the passengers behind us entertained with peek-a-boo. I like that you are a people person and hope you stay that way!
You really love certain articles of clothing. If you see your pink coat and it's not hanging up you immediately want to put it on. You'll wear it around the house all day if I let you. You also like to bring socks and shoes to us and sign the word for please until we put them on your feet. Yesterday your daddy crammed some newborn shoes on your feet because you begged him to. Then you proudly wore them with your toes all scrunched up in the ends! You got a beautiful white furry coat from your grandma and you love to wear it and pet it too!
I love that more of your personality comes out everyday with every new action you learn and new word you try to say. I've lost count of all your hilarious facial expressions that you use to get people to laugh (especially people behind us in church). Each month you get cuter and more fun and I keep thinking it has to end sometime right? You can't possibly be any better next month than you are now, right? But each month I'm wrong, and each month brings new things and I find myself loving you more and more and hoping I don't forget the way you are right now because you are perfect and I love you just the way you are: skinned nose and all!



Anonymous said...

I sure love that sweet girl. Happy 16 months Olivia. You are beautiful in your furry white coat. Love, Gma

kmom said...

Sounds like she said "ball." What a beautiful coat for a beautiful girl!

lauren and brad said...

These are the best newsletter pics yet! She is such a beaut!

Leslie said...

BALL!!! She spotted it!! LOVE these newsletters.

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