Friday, January 07, 2011

Oregon Trail: Part I

Remember when I used to be kidless and come back from Oregon with all these adorable shots of my nieces and nephews? Welp now I have a kid and am lucky if I can find my camera in the diaper bag, so there are some good ones but I had to borrow some from others too!
Christmas was fun, watching Liv open presents was funner, but watching Liv interact with her cousins was funnest! She just watched them run in circles around her mostly but man was she having a good time! She was in shock when we came home and there was only boring ol' me to play with!
Not only were there first cousins but SECOND cousins too!
They had so much fun they even would simultaneously nap at random hours of the day!
Not only did she have fun with cousins but her grandparents kept her entertained too.
She had serious talks with Grandpa and bonded with Grandma over dozens of diaper changes and bedtime stories.
She loved diaper time so much she would go get a clean diaper and lay down on the floor even when she didn't need it!
We had fun at Christmas with family, at new years with family, and all the days in between with family.
We even got to visit the cousins backyard "farm" and pet a rabbit!
Yes that is my niece Violet holding a chicken. (can you believe how tall she is?! Remember I feel old) She collects their eggs and is so proud of her skills. I am too!
And we even had some fun with cousins' cousins!
Technically Cameron is not related to us but I'm so glad they got to meet and that Becky and I got to hang out too! We have become friends through blogs and emails ever since I was pregnant with Liv and had cloth diaper questions.
We share a sister-in-law so we're sort of family right?

We also had Oregon adventures in Portland and at the beach which I will blog about later because this is already so many pictures and words that you've probably already quit reading at this point so I'll leave you with this 5 min mishmash of all the video we took while there. It's mainly for the fam and for the future us, but you can watch if you so desire to. (The clip of church is George leading singing)


Anonymous said...

That was wonderful. Thanks for sharing. It was a great time. Hope you are all recovered from your vacation Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

were you able to just set her free and have the other kids "watch" her? looks like so much fun!

Shawn and Becky said...

So glad we got to be a part of your Oregon Trail! And yes, as my sister-in-laws sister in law we're definitely family :)

lauren and brad said...

YEAH! Oregon pics! Such a good time!

Feeling envy that you hung out with Becky...

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