Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oregon Trail: Part III

I love the beach. Even when it's 30 degrees and there is sand on the ice, I love the beach.
Luckily for us I think the heat in our room was broken and wouldn't turn off so we were able to stay warm while leaving the windows open so we could hear the surf all night. Ahhh peacefulness. And no crying baby to interrupt our dreams for hours and hours! As a new mom I couldn't care less about roses and fancy dinners, nothing says romance like a night of full sleep. And it's even better when I get to share it with this guy.Despite the frigid temps I went down all of these stairs (and eventually back up) to put my toes in the freezing sand.
And take obligatory shadow pics with my hubby.
We had a wonderful first night away from Olivia and I know she had a wonderful time with these guys.


The Moores said...

So glad you guys got to get away for a night. The beach is one of my favorite place too. I missed part II of the Oregon Trail so I just went back and read it and got to remember all our good times! We really should do a girls day in Portland again. Good times! Also bowling with the bro. Always and experience:).

Anonymous said...

And those guys had a wonderful time with Olivia. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed your night at the beach (ice and all). Mom aka Gma

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