Sunday, January 30, 2011

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Olivia got these swank new boots for Christmas and has only gotten to wear them a few times since it's been 75 degrees here lately!! I have a feeling we might get to bust them out again though since snowpocalypse 2011 is on it's way tomorrow!! I wish we'd gotten this video right when she first took a step in these. It was pretty hilarious. She wouldn't bend her legs, only pivot them from her hips. And she kept looking down at her feet, not sure if it's because they were pink or because they were so heavy. This video was taken a few minutes after we put them on. It took awhile to get the hang of walking in boots! But she loves them!

(We might lure her in with prescription meds but we don't let her play with them, so don't call the cops or leave me hateful comments)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad she likes her boots. And she's so cute in them too. Hope you don't get snowed in. Its still spring like weather around here. Love, Mom aka Gma P.S. So how about Christmas???

Leslie said...

hilarious. i'd take video of hudson in his boots, but youtube is over-inundated with hilarious footage of dogs in bots.

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