Thursday, January 13, 2011

When other friendships are soon forgate, ours will still be great!

We enjoyed the last few days of warm weather in January at the zoo with playgroup friends the other day.
Olivia loved feeding the ducks the best. I loved watching the giraffes chase the ostriches the best...oh and all that catching up there was to do with mommy friends too!
Then it got cold and the fun had to be brought inside. But what's more fun than ipads and iphones with best buds?!
And when there's no ipads, we can always go back to plain ol' indoor fun with best buds!
Anything can be fun as long as there are friends around.


Leslie said...

i could look at that pic of 'liv and des for hours.

~Christy said...

awww we have really missed out :( sick season needs to be over!!! or i should have just nursed piper till she was 25...then she would have never got sick! :(

kmom said...

Did you get enough snow to play in? We got about 4 inches Sun night and about 1 or 2 is still on the ground in places.

tricia said...

oh my gosh, thats des sitting with Liv? i literally didnt recognize him without the curls! p.s. i'm seeing a very cute couple in about 20 years or so...

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